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News from Members Weather Kids or Whether Kids? The right to a safe future

Weather Kids or Whether Kids? The right to a safe future

by BDR Associates - Communication Group April 1, 2024


BDR Associates Romania is one of the 45 agencies and associations part of ICCO worldwide, which volunteered to support in local markets the Weather Kids campaign, in an astonishing communication effort. So proud to be part of this global attempt and support ICCO & UNDP in raising awareness and calling to action in a campaign that concerns us all

Whether kids - in the surprising role of TV meteorologists - may catch our attention when sending out to the world a call for urgent climate action? This is the question! And the answer is “yes” while this is being achieved right now across the globe with the latest UNDP initiative – the Weather Kids campaign.

Shocking weather forecasts anchored by children disrupt global television airwaves to mobilize climate action today. A powerful plea from the children ends the forecast: “It’s not just a weather report to us. It is our future.” The campaign is created in partnership with the World Meteorological Organization and the Weather Channel and is part of UNDP’s efforts to boost awareness on the impact of climate change and to mobilize people to take meaningful climate action for future generations.

Please access the video forecast from 2050, visit the campaign website at and … Open your eyes! Our kids have the right to a safe future!

#WeatherKids #ClimateAction #ClimateCrisis #ActNow

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