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Communication AmCham Press Releases AMCHAM ANALYSIS: The National Recovery and Resilience Plan – Opportunities and Challenges

AMCHAM ANALYSIS: The National Recovery and Resilience Plan – Opportunities and Challenges

AmCham Romania closely monitored the process for elaborating the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) and proactively advanced to the authorities’ recommendations of member companies in the context of public consultations on this topic. We reiterate our belief that this mechanism offers Romania a unique opportunity to recover the major gaps accumulated in strategic areas, as well as to respond in a sustainable manner to the challenges generated by the pandemic crisis.

Regarding the reforms and investments proposed by NRRP, AmCham considers that these address the urgent needs of the national economy and the priorities assumed at European level, but in order to produce the expected systemic impact, these must be sustained by coherent reform measures and by the implementation of sustainable projects, which strictly comply with the conditions imposed by the European Commission, including those regarding transparency, competition and state aid.

AmCham Romania welcomes the commitment assumed by our country through NRRP for reforming the public systems and for increasing the quality of infrastructure in sectors that have the potential to position Romania on an irreversible development trajectory and increase the relevance of the Romanian economy at regional and European level. We acknowledge ambitious allocations and intervention proposals for reforms in health, education, transport, energy, public administration, the tax system and the pension system and underscore the importance of partnership with the private sector throughout the implementation phase. Many of the reforms included in the NRRP have been on AmCham's agenda over the past decade.

“The NRRP stake for Romania is huge and transcends the 5-year horizon available for attracting the funding and for completing the proposed projects and reforms. As difficult as the process of developing the PNRR was, the hardest part begins once we have the green light for implementation. Alignment is needed across the entire decision-making and administrative spectrum around this country project. Romania's experience so far in attracting and using European funds to create actual value in the economy and a significant increase in the quality of life is not encouraging, so additional efforts are needed, a clear and transparent framework for coordination, implementation and monitoring for NRRP to be what we all want - Romania's chance for accelerated and sustainable development ", said the AmCham Romania President Ionuț Simion.

For an inventory of the positive aspects that AmCham believes to be critical for a successful implementation of the NRRP as well as of the risks that need to be mitigated, please refer to the attached analysis (RO).

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