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AmCham Romania News Project Romania - Future by Design - Updates

Project Romania - Future by Design - Updates

by AmCham Romania November 2, 2018

We declare Romania is our responsibility; a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive country, with a value based society.

We are committed to drive progress through education, innovation, entrepreneurship, infrastructure and good governance.

We stand united for freedom, integrity, trust and the rule of law.

Dear AmCham Romania Members,

During our joint and challenging experience when, responding to AmCham’s invitation, and under the guidance of Herma Schmitz, we learnt that each step of our journey together matters for the design of a possible happy and prosperous Romania. We would like to extend our warm thanks to members that have joined the initiative and have invested us with their time and trust. We are still in the early steps of this process.

Here is a summary of the main activities under this project so far:

  • 13 meetings of the working groups on Education, Entrepreneurship, Good Governance
  • Projects have been identified, structured, and projected in terms of objectives, deliverables.
  • Project Romania continued to attract experts to contribute to developing the actions agreed by the working groups.
  • First deliverables are to be completed in December.
  • A communication campaign is planned to increase awareness and engagement.

For the initiative to reach a critical mass and generate the wanted transformation, it is essential that each of us maintains a lively, consensual dialogue, beyond any biases and current constraints. It is our responsibility to engage and sync in multiple key stakeholders, capable of cascading this participative democracy exercise and to pro-actively catalyze systemic, pragmatic solutions.

We strongly believe that Romania’s transformation for the better occurs when each of us, individuals in all walks of life, join efforts towards common progress ideals and greater good, for the long run. It is our duty and a unique occasion for our generations to honor Romania’s centenary by leaving aside the differences and destructive criticism, and work together building on the common roots, vision and values.

Dare to trust and see the possibility of a bright future for Romania! Each contribution is valuable in making possible the impossible.

We are grateful for your support and we urge you to get connected to the initiatives under Project Romania – Future by Design!

Contact us to request further details on the current agenda, coordinator and how to get involved!

Project Romania – Future by Design Team


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