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AmCham Romania News CDR Outlines Leading Priorities in the Dialogue with the New Government during Nov 28 Press Conference

CDR Outlines Leading Priorities in the Dialogue with the New Government during Nov 28 Press Conference

by AmCham Romania December 3, 2019

AmCham Romania hosted a CDR press conference on November 28, when representatives of Coaliția pentru Dezvoltarea României have outlined the leading priorities in the dialogue with the new Government.

On this occasion, AmCham Romania President Ionuț Simion expressed Coaliția’s availability to share its constituent’s expertise with the Government to support measures aimed at increasing Romania’s prosperity.

The AmCham President emphasized the main four pillars that CDR considers to be of high importance for the Government agenda, as follows:

  1. Adjusting the fiscal and budgetary imbalances in a fully transparent manner and taking the necessary measures to avoid similar situations next year.
  2. Digitalization of the public administration, which needs to be a fundamental tool for increasing the efficiency of the public governance. We believe that the Government has the necessary structures to implement this objective and operationalization should begin as soon as possible.
  3. Infrastructure, which needs to be approached based on coherent and concrete objectives in order to generate the expected economic growth.
  4. Reducing the work force deficit generated on one hand by Romania’s accelerated economic growth during the last two decades, and on the other hand by the massive brain drain to the EU states. Measures to remedy the human capital deficit need to be included in a national strategy endorsed across the political spectrum.

Each of the pillars were detailed by other Presidents of the CDR Steering Committee member associations- Florin Pogonaru – AOAR, Dragoș Anastasiu –AHK, Ramona Jurubiță – FIC and Dragoș Roșca – RBL.

More on the main statements during the CDR press conference here: https://coalitia.org/ro/2019/11/28/reprezentantii-cdr-presedinti-ai-organizatiilor-membre-ale-comitetului-de-coordonare-al-cdr-au-sustinut-astazi-o-conferinta-de-presa-pentru-a-prezenta-prioritatile-cdr-in-dialogul-cu-guvernul-romanie/

Between July – December 2019 AmCham held the CDR Coordination and Secretariat.

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