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AmCham Romania News AMCHAM ROMANIA: Assumptions regarding the private employers have no ground and set a dangerous precedent

AMCHAM ROMANIA: Assumptions regarding the private employers have no ground and set a dangerous precedent

by AmCham Romania August 23, 2018

The American Chamber of Commerce in Romania – AmCham Romania, on behalf of the business community it represents – over 430 American, international and Romanian companies rejects the tendentious accusations publicly addressed to multinational companies and their employees.

For over 25 years, AmCham Romania represents in the private-public dialogue both large and small, entrepreneurial companies, that have contributed to the development of the Romanian economy through their cumulated investments of over USD 22 billion and over 250.000 jobs created in our country.

The private sector, through efficient investments and the added value they generate including at the level of the human capital development has placed Romania on the global investments map and is the largest contributor to the state budget, while also supporting through charity broad societal needs.

We call for responsibility both in statements and actions of decision-makers and public officials, as well as for stopping to discriminate Romanians based on their employer.

Such speculations set a dangerous precedent for the Romanian democracy, sending intimidatory signals towards social movements and the private sector, negatively impacting the business climate and Romania’s overall external image, which, in its turn affects the reliance of Romania’s external partners on the country’s capacity to perform regional roles, such as the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2019.

As we have pointed on past occasions, such practices diminish the confidence in the Romanian investment climate and feeds the emigration phenomenon, already taking a tool on the labor market, while also deflecting the public scrutiny from Romania’ real, present and future priorities and vulnerabilities.

AmCham Romania also points out the potential abuses in the state-large taxpayers’ relation that such stands of the decision makers could lead to.

AmCham Romania reaffirms that the citizens’ freedom of speech is a right gained with a high price by previous generations, and which, in a European state, member of NATO, should be guaranteed by the law and protected by the authorities, by no means censured or reprimanded.

AmCham Romania remains a reliable partner for dialogue and expresses its availability to continue to be an active contributor, through the expertize of our members, to the process to modernize and improve the legislative and fiscal legislation, by promoting recommendations and measures necessary for Romania’s sustainable economic development.

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