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AmCham Romania News AmCham Romania: Allegations against multinational companies – untrue and unconstructive for the economy and society

AmCham Romania: Allegations against multinational companies – untrue and unconstructive for the economy and society

On behalf of its members, U.S., Romanian, EU and international companies, AmCham Romania rejects the recent allegations reflected in the public media according to which multinational companies in Romania have supported the public protests, in response to the impact of the recent tax and legislative changes. It is unhealthy for the Romanian society to disseminate such untrue statements. Romanian citizens working in both multinational and local companies have voluntarily expressed their point of view in public, without any interference by their employer.

The human capital is one of the most valuable resources that Romania has, an important competitive advantage that has placed Romania on the global economy map, due to the high technical, linguistic and creativity competences that especially young generations have brought to the labor market and that had a defining role in attracting investments in the local economy.

As this competitive edge is affected by the brain drain and demographic trends, we believe that stigmatizing employees due to the country of origin of the shareholders only builds up an unnecessary tension and lack of confidence among employees and employers, while also sending a negative signal to investors.

Through the volume of their investments, the size of the operations they run, the jobs that multinational companies offer, they ensure a better life for hundreds of thousands of Romanian families, have a high contribution to the GDP, generously support social causes and open access to the wide expertize gained in international markets, thus contributing to the overall progress of the Romanian economy.

In today’s Romania, values such as responsibility, integrity and civic spirit cultivated at the workplace should be acknowledged and acquired by all employees in the public and private sector.

In AmCham’s opinion, the collaboration between the local and foreign companies needs to be fostered as it is a prerequisite for a functional and competitive economy, that will contribute to a better life for all Romanians.

AmCham Romania remains committed to its mission of facilitating an open and transparent public-private dialogue, a process that supports the shared objective of economic growth.

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