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News from Members When Speaking About Adults With Intellectual Disabilities or Mental Health Issues, Things are Quite Taboo

When Speaking About Adults With Intellectual Disabilities or Mental Health Issues, Things are Quite Taboo

by Pro Act Suport November 18, 2022

When speaking about adults with intellectual disabilities or mental health issues, things are quite taboo.

For the past 10 years, Pro ACT Suport`s clients, people with psychosocial disabilities have been sharing their challenges as community members, employees and when getting ends meet. We often hear stories about how they spent most of their lives in a place they didn`t like and didn`t want to be in, because there was no choice; stories about the struggle with forgetting the abuses (physical, emotional, sexual and all kinds) they suffered in the system.    

Here, at Pro ACT Suport Association we promote deinstitutionalization of these people taking them from public social assistance institutions and giving them the chance to live, love, work, travel, grow and have fun in the community. Along the way, these life stories evolution interferes with our limited resources and as NGO, we encounter situations which solutions` are beyond our reach. For example, some of our clients have severe teeth damage and the simple dental consultation we can provide, isn`t enough. It would be such a great feeling to see these people`s smiles and hear them laugh. We would appreciate your involvement of any kind in rendering them what it the simple sign of humanity wellbeing: the smile.

Some facts about Pro ACT Suport`s actions in 10 years of activity:

  • 10 social services (houses) active in Bucharest, Ilfov and Giurgiu county
  • 3 social enterprise projects of total of 17 projects implemented
  • 50+ persons with disabilities integrated in the community
  • 19 persons with disabilities live independently, outside the care system
  • 100+ persons with disabilities were integrated in the open labor market
  • 100+ persons with disabilities deinstitutionalized
  • 41 employees: 32 care workers and 9 experts in social assistance and 9 experts in social assistance
  • National recognition from the Ministry of Labor for best model of social inclusion
  • 2 international awards for best models in social and labor market integration

Learn more about our work and reach out to us at:

Facebook- ProActSuport / Instagram-Proactsuport / Youtube – Pro ACT Suport

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