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News from Members Help them live a normal life in the community

Help them live a normal life in the community

by Pro Act Suport February 10, 2023

At Pro ACT Suport we teach people with intellectual and psycho-social disabilities how to be Human. We help them live a normal life in the community. We show them how it`s like to have dreams and we encourage them to be passionate about things they like and to have hobbies.

These are ambitious goals as organization, but, in 11 years of activity, despite their institutionalization background, our clients` progress defy all odds. They now have friends, jobs, they reunited with their families, some of them got married and now have their own children, some of them got out of this system and bought their own apartments. 

We developed 10 social services (houses) active in Bucharest, Ilfov and Giurgiu County, where over 200 persons have been deinstitutionalized and integrated into the open labor market following our international award winning models of social and free market labor integration.

It`s an honor to have met these people and we invite everyone who wants to discover the beauty of life and of humanity to come and hang out, talk and make friends among our clients or you can fill the 230 Form from our website and sent it to the ANAF you belong to or you can send it to us at and we will take care of the rest.

 Thank you ♥!

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