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News from Members Why redirect 3.5% of the annual income tax to the Pro ACT Suport Association?

Why redirect 3.5% of the annual income tax to the Pro ACT Suport Association?

by Pro Act Suport May 11, 2022

1. You will contribute to the fulfillment of as many dreams as possible of people who have not received much help throughout their lives. People like F., who bought their own home, leaving the social protection system and thus becoming from an assisted person (for whom the State pays social services) to a contributing person (who pays taxes).

2. You will help to regain decision-making power over your own life, which we consider natural in our lives, but when you are banned, you no longer have this right, not even the right to have a job and to work or to earn your own food. This is what happened to N., our client, who with the right support managed to re-enter his full decision-making rights over his own life and at the same time to commit.

3. You will restore the dignity of people who have struggled to resist for years in a dysfunctional, impersonal and overcrowded system, in which they ended up without their will and which now seeks its purpose and place in society. There are people like our customers, who learn as adults about what it means to live a normal life naturally in society, with good and bad, but with respect and humanity.

If at least one of these 3 reasons reaches your heart, please fill out the 230 Form below and we will cherish you as a good man who does and shares the good.

P.S. The pre-completed Form 230 can also be downloaded from this link: http://proactsuport.ro/en/get-involved/

P.S. Once the form 230 has been downloaded and completed, it must be put in an envelope and sent to the ANAF you belong to or you can send it to us at office@proactsuport.ro and we will take care of the rest. Thank you!

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