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News from Members The Aftermath of Doing Good

The Aftermath of Doing Good

by Asociația Dăruiește Viața June 18, 2024

We love math, especially when it has the power to change lives. We need your help to solve the following equation: how many companies need to fill in Declaration 177 in order to build, together with Dăruiește Viață, the first Pediatric Medical Campus in Romania?

Only 2 out of 10 companies know about Declaration 177

If your company has not made any sponsorships in 2023, or if the ones made do not cumulatively exceed the maximum amount provided by law (20% of the tax, but no more than 0.75% of the turnover), you can use Declaration 177. The deadline is the 25th of June. Through this fiscal facility, you request ANAF to redirect to us the remaining funds available for sponsorship from the tax already paid in 2023. ANAF will redirect the funds within 45 days.

How easy is it to do good?

There are only three steps you need to follow:

a. Calculate the remaining amount available for sponsorship from the tax your company paid in 2023;

b. Fill in an online sponsorship contract with the calculated amount;

c. Submit Declaration 177 to ANAF with the same amount filled in.

Fill in the contract now

What have we built so far with the support of companies?

One of Dăruiește Viață’s projects, the new Hospital built at Marie Curie from donations and sponsorships from over 350,000 people and 8,000 companies, is already treating children from all over the country. Since April, the first children have been transferred to the oncology, neurosurgery, surgery, and ICU departments of the current Marie Curie hospital. The operating block with 5 operating rooms from the new Hospital is also functional.

The new Hospital has an astronomical observatory, a cinema, an indoor garden, playrooms and socializing spaces for parents where, starting with May, we have been organizing fun activities. This way, children at Marie Curie are happy to forget, for a short period, that they are in a Hospital.

Join us in building the first Pediatric Medical Campus in Romania, where all children can be treated in the same modern conditions as in the new Hospital. Fill in Declaration 177 until the 25th of June.

Shall we solve this equation together?

Fill in the contract now

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