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News from Members Raiffeisen Bank supports Dăruiește Viață with €1 million and launches, for the first time, The Yellow Card that Does Good

Raiffeisen Bank supports Dăruiește Viață with €1 million and launches, for the first time, The Yellow Card that Does Good

by Raiffeisen Bank May 16, 2024

The new card marks the beginning of the exclusive partnership between Raiffeisen Bank Romania and Visa, world leader in digital payments.

Raiffeisen Bank Romania supports Dăruiește Viață with 1 million euro to start the construction of the medical campus at Marie Curie so that all patients treated at this hospital in Bucharest can benefit from the same treatment conditions at the best standards.

”We believe in change and impactful action, which is why year after year we support causes that give us hope that we can look to the future with confidence. It's amazing what Dăruiește Viață has been able to achieve over the past 12 years. We are honored to continue to support the association's effort with €1 million to help start the next phase in the construction of the medical campus" - Zdenek Romanek, President and CEO, Raiffeisen Bank Romania.

"Dăruiește Viață, together with over 350,000 Romanians and over 8,000 companies managed to build a hospital. And there is no greater joy, for those who have been involved, than seeing images of children smiling and playing in a hospital and of parents in whose eyes you can read the hope that it is possible, that we finally have here, at home, as abroad. In recent years, the private sector in Romania has given back to the community, through donations, important amounts, which therefore, turn into life chances, and today we are honored to announce the partnership with Raiffeisen Bank, with whom we are starting this journey, in order to turn this dream into reality: the first real medical campus in Romania, that will ensure modern treatment conditions for all children who arrive at the Marie Curie hospital, regardless of pathology" - Oana Gheorghiu, co - founder, Dăruiește Viață.

At the same time, Raiffeisen Bank is launching, for the first time, in Romania, the Yellow Card That Does Good. This is an initiative that continues the bank's involvement in supporting causes with a positive impact in the community.

Thus, for every POS or online transaction made by customers with the new yellow debit card in lei, regardless of the amount, Raiffeisen Bank donates to the account of the Association Dăruiește Viață, in addition to the support of 1 million euros.

The contribution to the association is a donation from the bank, regardless of the amount of the transaction the customer makes with the card.

Raiffeisen Bank estimates that approximately 100 million transactions will be made with the Yellow Card that does good in the coming period.

Raiffeisen Bank Romania starts an exclusive partnership with Visa

The new card marks the debut of an exclusive partnership between Raiffeisen Bank Romania and Visa, world leader in digital payments.

In the following period, all Raiffeisen customers' cards will be gradually replaced by Visa cards: credit cards from 15 July to 31 October 2024 and debit cards from 1 August 2024 to 31 March 2025.

Visa, a global leader in digital payments, has been a trusted partner of Raiffeisen since its entry into the Romanian market. The new partnership reinforces the mission of both companies to offer efficient payment solutions and continues the investment strategy for the development of digital payments in Romania.

"Going digital has always been a priority for Visa as it helps consumers and businesses adapt to a fast-moving global economy by making transactions as fast, simple and secure as possible. Raiffeisen Bank has been with us for more than three decades in building the local payments ecosystem, and our new exclusive partnership to issue all cards in the bank's vast portfolio under the Visa brand is a landmark moment in the Romanian market that will allow us to accelerate the innovation we need in the payments sector." - Cătălin Crețu, General Manager for Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia at Visa.

Raiffeisen's new cards have a modern visual identity and are made from 99% recycled plastic, an important step in our mission to help reduce our carbon footprint.

About Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Raiffeisen Bank, a leading universal bank with solid capitalization and liquidity, operates in the Romanian banking market and serves more than 2.2 million retail and corporate customers.

Raiffeisen Bank has been supporting the Romanian economy for more than 25 years, offering products and financial services tailored to the needs of its customers. With responsibility as a guiding principle, we contribute to the development of society by financing the real and sustainable economy. At the same time, we are involved in the community by supporting 5 pillars of development: education, urban ecology, sports as a healthy lifestyle, innovation, arts, and culture.

Since 2023, Raiffeisen Bank brings a new approach and perspective to banking services by launching "Banking 1:1", an interactive way to simulate the creation of a financial plan for our customers using the Smart Finance application developed locally by the team in Romania.

Note: All financial figures above are in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and RBI Group Management Reporting Standards (MIS).

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