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News from Members One Mircea Eliade, One Tower and the commercial complex on former Automatica industrial area to be developed

One Mircea Eliade, One Tower and the commercial complex on former Automatica industrial area to be developed

by One United Properties February 22, 2018

One United Properties to invest 100 million EUR
in complex projects developed on former Automatica

One United Properties confirms 100 million euros investment in former Automatica industrial area located at blvd. Mircea Eliade and Calea Floreasca crossroads. The project will improve the entire area, especially Automatica, which is empty and voided for over 20 years. One United Properties will develop in the area a multifunctional and large scale project, which will integrate an exclusivist residential complex - One Mircea Eliade, and a high-end office building - One Tower. The commercial area inside the complex will be developed by Auchan Romania. The entire structure is authorized for a 125,000 sqm built area (73,000 sqm above-ground and 52,000 sqm underground).

One Mircea Eliade will be made of three towers and will integrate 250 exclusivist apartments (two towers P + 15, one tower P+20). The compound will offer a breathtaking view over Floreasca Park and Floreasca Lake.

One Tower office building (P + 16) sums up to 24,000 sqm divided in office spaces AAA class endowed with the latest technologies. Every floor will benefit from a 1,450 sqm surface, regulate shape, natural light and an efficient compartmentalization of space. One Tower is created mainly for companies interested in renting a superior quality space for work environment. One Tower will also offer a unique view over the lake and the park area. One of the main goals of One Tower is to obtain the LEED certification, the Platinum qualification.

The entire building complex will have access to a modern commercial space - retail and food – developed by Auchan in former Ford’s hall. At the same time the historic monument within will be restored and will become part of the new development compound.

Similar to every building developed by One United Properties, this new structure will also integrate an energetically efficient plan, with Green certificate and minimal impact on environment. The investment will not target only the buildings, but the entire area as well, hence the road infrastructure will be improved and 1,200 parking spaces will be created in order for the traffic to become more fluid.

The entire Floreasca area will be brought back to life and the infrastructure will be enhanced

This new and complex real estate project will be developed in the area of the 1930s famous Ford Factory, which at that time represented the unique production line of Ford Company in Eastern Europe with 2,500 automobiles and trucks production annually. Since 1948, during the Communist regime, the factory’s name became Automatica. After the fall of Communism, the factory stopped the production and for 20 years the whole area remained deserted. One United Properties new investment business plan will recreate a whole new concept and will bring this area back to life. The former Ford assembling hall will be restored and integrated in this real estate development plan and the initial architecture structure will be preserved as well.

The infrastructure will also be modernized in a large and complex project designed by the investor. Thus, Calea Floreasca will be band-spread and the road will be enlarged from four to six road sections, with one road lane on each way of traffic. The Glinka - Floreasca crossroad will be reconfigured to improve traffic. In addition, a new traffic solution will be implemented by a new deceleration band on Mircea Eliade blvd., which will improve the waiting time in intersection. In this way, the traffic system will become more efficient. This solution is possible only for a 1,100 sqm ground donation by One United Properties to the city of Bucharest.

The entire project will create a vibrant community, with access to a wide range of facilities.

Floreasca Area
Floreasca is one of the most beautiful and old areas in Bucharest. In the past years the whole neighborhood has been revitalized by many reconstruction projects, including the investment in new green zones and the renovation of Floreasca Market. The process of redesigning Automatica platform and including it in the public circuit will bring benefits for the inhabitants and also for the visitors of Floreasca sector.

One United Properties is a leading developer of premium residential compounds and office buildings in Bucharest, Romania. One United Properties is an innovative corporate group, which focuses on eco-friendly construction methods dedicated to accelerate the adoption of practices with result in energy-efficiency, healthy and environmentally sustainable buildings.

The Company has already 188 apartments delivered over the last 4 years, 340 residential units under construction, and more than 650 units are on the short term development pipeline, under the brands ONE and NEO. The most prestigious compounds developed are One Floreasca Lake, One Herastrau Park and One Herastrau Plaza, One Charles de Gaulle.

The Office Division is focused on the development of centrally located, highly efficient office buildings. One United Properties already owns North Gate, an office compound in Central-North Bucharest with 22,000 sqm GLA and 500 parking places, while the centrally-located One Tower is under construction (24,000 GLA and 400 parking places). One United Properties is the Recipient of Best Residential Developer of the Year and Best Residential Development (for One Herastrau Park) at CIJ Awards 2017, Forbes Green Award 2017, Sustainable Company of the Year at RO Green Building Council Awards 2017 and Green Homes Certificate 2017 for One Herastrau Park.

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