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News from Members National Rheumatoid Polyarthritis Register, winner on European level of EuroCloud Prizes 2014

National Rheumatoid Polyarthritis Register, winner on European level of EuroCloud Prizes 2014

by Ymens Teamnet October 21, 2014

Website www.ymens.ro

The National Rheumatoid Polyarthritis Register (RNPPR), a cloud project of reference for public health sector in Romania, developed by Ymens, was designated the European winner during the EuroCloud Prizes 2014, on the categories ‘Best Cloud Service Public Sector’. Ymens, the first cloud broker in Romania, provides thus a well-deserved visibility on European level to Romanian cloud projects that subordinate innovation and technology to the society.

The project developed for the Romanian Association of Rheumatic Diseases, with permanent involvement of the members of Romanian Society of Rheumatology (SRR), included the implementation of a cloud system countrywide for the automation and efficiency of the complex process of registration, validation and supervision of the files of patients treated for different forms of rheumatoid polyarthritis. During only one year of use, the informational solution developed by Ymens served from cloud over 4 000 patients countrywide and increased the efficiency, fastness and accuracy of the flow of approval for ten biological therapies.
The jury of EuroCloud 2014 competition was impressed of the complexity of Romanian project developed by Ymens and SRR, designating it the best cloud service for the public sector on European level.

 This award certifies once more the quality of solutions and services provided by Ymens to private and public Romanian organizations. ‘As an European network of association dedicated exclusively to cloud, we annually award the best cloud services in Europe during the EuroCloud competition. For every award category, we are always looking for innovative solutions, able to prove the impact of cloud on business environment or public district. This year, the international jury of cloud experts awarded the Best Cloud Service Public Sector prize to RNPPR project developed by Ymens. By the results obtained, this project is materialized as an impressive initiative, of reference on European level, which subordinates the cloud technology not only to beneficiary public institutions, but also to physicians, citizens and, overall, to the entire society.’, declared Bernd Becker, President of EuroCloud Europe.

The Project of the National Rheumatoid Polyarthritis Register (RNPPR) was developed pursuant to the decision taken by the Romanian Association of Rheumatic Diseases with a view to render efficient the process during which the files of patients treated for different forms of rheumatoid polyarthritis are registered, validated and followed. The main objective for this pilot project countrywide was to implement a SaaS cloud service to provide a fast flow of the files and allow the patients the access to medication, in a correct and controlled manner, by online processes of approval or rejection of therapies. The direct users of Ymens cloud solutions, mostly specialist physicians, needed an intuitive informational system, easy to use, to collect easily and accurately the data on the evolution of specific diseases in Romania and immediate analysis of the reports related to the results of treatments, as well as services of operation, maintenance and technical support.

Alina Georgescu, Ymens Sales Director:
‘The RNPPR project developed by the Romanian Register of Rheumatic Diseases represents an admirable initiative on the level of public administration during the successful use of private financing available to health sector for rendering it efficient by technology. Bringing together our experience in the supply of cloud solutions and the specific requirements in the medical sphere, Ymens has developed a private cloud informational system which automatically transposes the entire process of patients’ management by RNPPR, from the entry of files in the system to the file approval and prescription of medication. In collaboration with SRR members, we have managed to successfully implement a unique cloud system in Romania allowing the supervision, in 2013, of over 4 000 patients and amounts discounted during the biological therapies overcoming 8 million EUR.’

Currently, the cloud informational system RNPPR supplied and operated by Ymens is used daily by around 200 specialist physicians countrywide. With the development of cloud RNPPR system, Ymens provides, in the same project, specialized services of operation and support. Thus, Ymens covers completely the maintenance of the system, providing permanent functionality of it on optimum parameters, as well as the new developments appeared periodically based on the requirements identified by client or pursuant to the proposals of Ymens.

‘We have initiated this project since we want to provide innovation to the public health sector, to help the Romanian patients with medical services supplied on high standards of quality and correctitude. The main benefit obtained from the use of cloud system developed in collaboration with Ymens is represented by the standardization of the entire process of evaluation of files, leading to the optimization of the time necessary to approve it. Time is very important for patients and, by using this system, we are more efficient, faster and more accurate in their advantage. We currently have an automatic work flow and a partner with whom we continue to develop this system depending on the new requirements appearing all along.

The RNPPR project is a countywide pilot project dedicated exclusively to rheumatoid polyarthritis which makes us proud and which we intend to multiply in the future for other rheumatologic affections’, declared Dr. Ioan Ancuța, Project Manager at the National Rheumatoid Polyarthritis Register and Chairman of Biological Commission of CNAS. The project was jointly elaborated by a group of rheumatologists coordinated by the president and vice-president of Romanian Society of Rheumatology (SRR), Dr. Ioan Ancuța holding during the entire project an extremely important role in providing a good collaboration between the Romanian Register of Rheumatic Diseases, CNAS and Ymens.

About Ymens

YMENS is the first cloud broker in Romania providing cloudsourcing solutions. These allow the company to outsource the entire IT cloud infrastructure and benefit at the same time of a complete range of solutions of consulting support, management and maintenance, and related services as well as BPO (business process outsourcing), AMS (application management services) or IT outsourcing. The Ymens cloud technology platform was developed pursuant to an investment of one million euro. Ymens provides customized, compatible and interconnected solutions that contribute to the efficiency of Romanian business.

The Cloud is an IT infrastructure in a data center which provides, among others, integrated platforms of applications dedicated to companies. The cloud solutions are accessible online, directly from the internet browser on laptop or desktop on mobile phone or tablet, by specialized applications.

For additional information, visit: www.ymens.ro

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