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News from Members Ymens CRM Solution Manages Full Information Related to 1,500 Farmers for Caussade Semences, the Seed Retailer

Ymens CRM Solution Manages Full Information Related to 1,500 Farmers for Caussade Semences, the Seed Retailer

by Ymens Teamnet June 9, 2015

Website www.ymens.ro

Ymens, the first Romanian cloud broker, has implemented Ymens CRM - the customer relation management cloud solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionalities, within Caussade Semences - a company which distributes seeds. At present, Ymens CRM provides efficient management of the information related to 1,500 farmers and approximately 200 hybrid plants used in agriculture.

Caussade Semences Group is a multinational enterprise which focuses all their human and financial resources on meeting the farmers' needs for the highest performance genetics. "We have chosen to use Ymens CRM, a modern, market-validated cloud solution, which we trust will help us develop successful long-term relations with the farmers and distributors of Caussade, to the purpose of establishing sustainable growth both for us and our partners", Iulia Cristea, Marketing Manager of Caussade Semences Romania, stated.

Therefore, as of May 2015, the seeds retailer have at their disposal an integrated information system which includes Ymens CRM management solution of the farmers and retailers, as well as implementation, support and maintenance services, tailored according to the company's needs and the specific requirements in the industry. The advanced expertise and know-how Ymens holds in terms of CRM assists Caussade Semences with efficiently managing the information which is essential to the company's activity, namely data on farmers, from the' distribution of hectares for each farmer to the type of crop.

Alina Georgescu, Sales Director Ymens:
" Caussade Semences is an innovation-oriented enterprise. This time, the Caussade team has chosen to use technology to boost the efficiency and visibility of the activity of distributing the seeds to the farmers/the activity to provide the farmers with the seeds. This project proves once again that, regardless of the size or field of activity of an enterprise, business success is built on long-term, trust relations with customers. Ymens CRM is the core of the sales, marketing and customer care services of our clients and presents itself as an intuitive information tool, with a user-friendly interface. We are thrilled to significantly contribute, by means of the partnership with Caussade Semences, to optimizing the operations in the field of distributing agricultural raw materials and, at the same time, to permanently enhance the expertise of Ymens specialists in the CRM area, with services such as business analysis, consultancy, implementation, technical support or maintenance in various fields.
With Ymens CRM, Caussade Semences undertakes to significantly boost efficiency and productivity in their relation with the farmers, by gaining full visibility on them, on the sales force and on the performance achieved depending on the region and on the promoted species of plants. Furthermore, the reports generated by Ymens CRM for the company's management trigger a better understanding of the type of crops depending on the region and the seasonality, more clarity in the relation with the farmers and the possibility to act pro-actively when collaborating with them. And last but not least, given that it is a cloud solution, Ymens CRM also brings the advantage of low operational and administrative costs.

"Given the nature and specificity of our activity, it is essential for us to have a successful collaboration with the farmers and to permanently foresee their needs and plans regarding the crops. Ymens has understood the specificity of our business needs and, by analyzing our objectives, has customized and adjusted the cloud customer relationship management application to the specificity of this industry, providing us with a complete solution, capable of covering the work with a variety of information and easy to use by the entire team", Iulia Cristea, Marketing Manager of Caussade Semences Romania, stated.
The partnership between Ymens and Caussade Semences developed on the background of a positive evolution of the local CRM market last year. The tendency to provide CRM solutions as SaaS (Software as a Service) has globally become obvious a few years ago - according to Gartner, 47% of the CRM systems were sold as SaaS in 2014, and the segment is estimated to constantly increase in the years to come. Overall, the entire worldwide CRM market has increased to 23.2 billion dollars last year, according to market research.

About Ymens

YMENS is the first Romanian cloud broker providing cloudsourcing solutions. These solutions enable companies to outsource the entire IT infrastructure in cloud and to benefit at the same time from a complete suite of customer support, management and maintenance solutions, along with associated services such as BPO (business process outsourcing), AMS (application management services) or IT outsourcing. The Ymens cloud technology platform was developed after an investment worth 1 million Eur. Ymens provides customizable, compatible, inter-connected solutions which contribute to the optimization of Romanian businesses.
Cloud is an IT infrastructure localized in a data center which offers, among others, platforms which are integrated with company-dedicated applications. Cloud solutions can be accessed online, right from the Internet browser installed on your laptop, desktop computer or tablet, through dedicated applications.
For further information, please visit www.ymens.ro.

About Caussade Semences

Caussade Semences is the only multinational enterprise with the largest crop species portfolio - 50 (corn, sunflower, rapeseed, sorghum, wheat, barley, two-row barley, oat, triticale, rye, soy, peas, lupine, beet, alfalfa, festuca, golomat etc.). The company's vision is to become one of Romania's top three manufacturers and retailers of seeds for large crops and forages, thus gaining the partners' trust by innovation, integrity and teamwork.
For further information, please visit http://www.caussade-semences.ro.

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