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News from Members Discover GLENWOOD ESTATE, the premium residential project in Corbeanca, a place to immerse in a cozy and private lifestyle, surrounded by nature

Discover GLENWOOD ESTATE, the premium residential project in Corbeanca, a place to immerse in a cozy and private lifestyle, surrounded by nature

by SPEEDWELL April 23, 2024

GLENWOOD ESTATE, SPEEDWELL’s newest residential project in Corbeanca, on the lakeshore, brings a fresh perspective to modern living, through its blend of organic inspired design, sustainable features, and unique location.

This new development stands and emphasizes comfort, sustainability, safety and design that fosters a connection to nature. Furthermore, attention to detail can be seen in every aspect of this project.

GLENWOOD ESTATE is a safe, gated residential neighborhood that includes a mix of 209 premium standalone villas, with low height regime enveloped in lush greenery . Another distinctive aspect of the project is its innovative design, inspired by organic architecture, which seamlessly integrates the structures into the natural landscape. Meandering streets, footpaths made for pedestrian use, bicycle lanes, the use of natural colours and materials, are highlighted by special lighting, thus creating an elegant and safe environment. GLENWOOD ESTATE is the perfect choice for people that want to avoid the turmoil of the city and are seeking a balanced lifestyle.

"GLENWOOD ESTATE is set to become a vibrant community, a place where people can grow together in an environment that embraces human connection and respect for nature. We have launched sales in the beginning of this year, and construction works are set to kick off in the following months. We are excited to bring this concept to life and estimate to deliver the first units in 2026. Sustainability and commitment to the community concept are the most important goals we keep in mind in the development of all SPEEDWELL projects. Therefore, GLENWOOD ESTATE has been built as a retreat for families and individuals who seek to live in a safe environment surrounded by nature, while providing quick access to all the amenities needed for a modern lifestyle. In addition, by ensuring compliance with Green Homes standards and implementing innovative technologies, we aim to guarantee that GLENWOOD ESTATE, not only provides a place where neighbours become friends, but also protects the environment for future generations.", said Didier Balcaen, CEO and Co-Founder SPEEDWELL

Developed on 14 hectares of land, the project, seamlessly integrated into the existing community, will deliver 209 premium villas with four and five bedrooms, offering net surfaces from 140 to 220 sqm and land plots with surfaces ranging from 322 to 557 square meters. In addition, each villa will have at least two parking spaces for residents and visitors.

The development pays particular attention to sustainability by implementing modern technologies such as photovoltaic panels, heat pumps, rainwater reuse, energy efficient materials and systems in order to ensure a high level of comfort. The implementation of heat pumps and solar panels not only reduces energy consumption for heating, cooling, hot water and lighting, but also brings a significantly lower maintenance cost for residents.

In addition, the project strictly complies with nZEB standards. Through implementation of these standards, the residential project not only meets current sustainability benchmarks, but also anticipates future regulatory requirements, demonstrating a commitment to the environment and responsible urban development. Also, according to current standards that measure the energy efficiency of homes, GLENWOOD ESTATE has been certified A+ energy rating. Thus, the power required to ensure indoor comfort comes from renewable sources.

GLENWOOD ESTATE is a truly unique project that distinguishes in the market thanks to the quality of the materials, the premium finishes and the privileged location, focuses on the well-being of its community and a high standard of comfort.

The investment in this project is estimated at €94 million, of which €21 million has been allocated for the first phase of development.

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