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News from Members HILI PROPERTIES & SPEEDWELL’s Office Building, MIRO, the Convenient Business Location Close to the U.S. Embassy

HILI PROPERTIES & SPEEDWELL’s Office Building, MIRO, the Convenient Business Location Close to the U.S. Embassy

by SPEEDWELL August 17, 2023

Located on DN1, one of the roads with direct access to any place, the building’s remaining capacity to accommodate new tenants is 2,800 sqm

With a modern design and state-of-the-art facilities, MIRO, the premium office building located on the Bucharest-Ploiesti road was developed by SPEEDWELL, one of the leading real estate developers on the Romanian market. Co-owned by the developer and Hili Properties, the building stands out in Bucharest’s office landscape as a landmark of innovation, well-being and efficiency.

Designed in accordance with BOMA's Office Standard, MIRO represents a symbiosis between ergonomics and sustainability, being aligned with the evolving requirements of the commercial real estate market.

Its spacious layout facilitates effortless partitioning, enabling every company to tailor their offices based on individual preferences and specific needs. The building offers all the assets of a smart and flexible workspace: spacious offices, green spaces, advanced technology, co-working and relaxation areas, sustainable facilities, plenty of natural light and panoramic views thanks to the modern architecture integrating extensive glazed surfaces. In addition, MIRO provides all the facilities necessary for a productive, complete, and well-balanced work environment that contribute to the development of a harmonious business community.

Located within walking or biking distance of the U.S. Embassy in Romania, MIRO holds a significant advantage, being suitable for tenants who conduct embassy-related business and interact frequently with the Embassy. Proximity to the Embassy gives them the convenience and efficiency of having a major meeting point just steps away, and proximity to Henri Coanda International Airport offers quick and easy access to air transportation, particularly useful for companies headquartered in other cities or conducting business that requires frequent travel to other destinations.

The MIRO building is the choice of several renowned companies including ROVERE MOBILI, CEGEKA, EATON, KPMG Romania, COS (Corporate Office Solutions), MASIA, NEOCLINIQUE, MITZU, STRADALE, DOCTOR SKIN, HISKY and JURA. WIREN is the newest name to join and outlines an almost complete picture of MIRO, with only 2,800 sqm remaining available for lease, out of a total of 23,000 sqm.

We are very pleased to have taken the MIRO story to a higher level in the industry and offer our clients high-quality offices with all the facilities and technology they need. Our building stands out for its contemporary design and impressive architecture, being a visible reference point in the area. Located in one of the greenest areas, in the northern part of Bucharest, MIRO offers direct access to Bucharest-Ploiesti road, being a new business landmark for companies looking for office spaces with premium functionality and quick access to main points of interest. The privileged positioning also offers excellent promotion and visibility opportunities for clients, strengthening the prestige and image of tenant companies. Moreover, MIRO offers an extensive array of amenities, truly making it a comprehensive destination for the contemporary professional. Among other facilities within the building, such as dental and beauty clinics,     tenants have the convenience of an on-site restaurant and a welcoming coffee corner, all of which affirm the community atmosphere.”,  said Jan Demeyere, Architect and Co-Founder of SPEEDWELL.

As an active promoter of sustainable development in Romania, SPEEDWELL has received the highest level of certification, WELL Platinum, achieved so far in the country and the first pre-certification under the new, stricter version of this methodology for the MIRO project. Since February this year, the developer has taken another significant step towards sustainability by installing photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building, a 400 kwp photovoltaic project contracted by Wiren. This move is in line with the sustainability plan, which aims to use innovative technologies to improve the environmental footprint.

In an effort to further support green mobility, MIRO has a smart parking system that includes charging stations for electric cars. This initiative reiterates the company's commitment to providing advanced facilities and green infrastructure, and reduces their carbon footprint by using electric cars for a clean and sustainable environment, thus reinforcing their commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices.

Just across the road, Băneasa Shopping City stands ready to fulfil the diverse needs of MIRO tenants' employees, boasting an impressive array of shops, from restaurants and coffee shops, where they can organize business meetings or enjoy a relaxing break, to entertainment options, and an array of convenient facilities including dry cleaning services, pharmacies, and multiple banks. At the same time, the location of the building ensures easy access by car or public transport, as well as by alternative means of transport. The area's infrastructure and underground parking also complement the benefits of this project. In addition, MIRO provides employees who choose to come to the office by bicycle with a dedicated bicycle parking lot, as well as conveniently located shower facilities.

"In recent years we have seen an increasing interest in buildings with technology and wellness capabilities, including a desire by companies to promote a sense of community. Thus, wellness, accessibility and visibility were the main elements around which we developed MIRO, succeeding in bringing a new vision of how an office building can influence productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being. In addition to easy access to public transport, which is already a top priority for tenants, charging stations for electric cars, and parking for bikes or scooters are among the most important elements in the choice of location. In developing MIRO, we have made sure that we offer all these elements to customers who choose to write their business story with us.”, said Didier Balcaen, CEO and Co-Founder of SPEEDWELL

Developed on 5 floors and with a total leasable area of 23,000 square meters, MIRO represents the perfect synergy between functionality and aesthetics offering a complete range of services adapted to the requirements of modern companies. The office building provides tenants with 3 meters of clear height and over 4,500 square meters of open office space. In addition, the building has 1,700 square meters of outdoor seating areas and benefits from a smart parking system with electric car charging stations. Thanks to the facilities offered and the technical solutions used in the development of the project, MIRO is BREEAM In-Use certified with the Excellent standard and has facilities similar to those of Class A office buildings, offering an exceptional working experience. The current rental availability of the building is 2,800 square meters out of its total availability of 23,000 sqm.

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