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News from Members GSK Consumer Healthcare, Adobe Systems and McDonald's Are the Best Employers of the Year According to a Research Conducted by Aon Romania

GSK Consumer Healthcare, Adobe Systems and McDonald's Are the Best Employers of the Year According to a Research Conducted by Aon Romania

by AON Romania January 20, 2015

Website www.aon.ro

Bucharest, November 28, 2014 - Aon Romania, the local subsidiary of the global leader in insurance brokerage, risk consultant, human resources and one of the largest insurance brokers on the market, announced the results of the survey conducted, Best Employers Study Romania 2014.
Awards for the best employers took place during the Gala held Thursday night at the Hilton Hotel in Bucharest.

Nominations were made for three categories of companies, as based on the number of employees, and the awards went to the following companies:

The category "Companies with a number of employees between 50 and 250"

1. GSK Consumer Healthcare

2. Autonom Services

3. Pfizer Romania

The category "Companies with a number of employees between 250 and 1000"

1. Adobe Systems Romania

2. Teamnet International

The category "Companies with more than 1000 employees"

1. McDonald's Romania

Best Employers Study (BES) organized in 2014 includes information collected from the participation of 28 companies, over 200 executives and 8,700 employees, representing over 15,000 employees in Romania. The survey was conducted under the supervision of Aon Hewitt, the global leader in human resources consulting, within Aon plc.

According to the research, the average level of engagement (professionals involvement in relation to their work) in Romania has now reached 62%, compared to 57% recorded last year.
Noteworthy is the distribution of professional involvement as based on the position in the company. The average results achieved by all participants in the study shows that 59% of employees (non-managerial positions) are professionally engaged, while the level of involvement for middle and top managers is 74%. Instead, the companies nominated as "Best Employer" had the following results: 78% of employees (non-managers) are professionally involved, 85% middle managers and top managers 93%.

Regarding the level of professional involvement of employees analyzed by period spend inside the company and by age, the biggest differences between the average of participants and the average of companies nominated "Best Employer" is recorded in the age group of 45-54 years, whereas the engagement of the Best Employer reaches 92%, while the national average is 56%, and employees who have more than 10 years in field work - 89% to 62% average.

Analyzing the data collected from all participants, one have been identified several directions that should be on the short list of every HR manager in Romania. Among the key areas to support the involvement of the employees are the company's brand alignment, the physical working environment, middle managers, learning and development opportunities. Instead, a set of key elements can bring professional involvement in sight, if acting upon: recognition, the reputation of employer, the attention showed to employees.

"We noticed an increased interest of the Romanian companies to assess their level of engagement in the organization, in terms of a professional project, undertaken independently, as Best Employer Study, which makes us very happy. This shows organizational maturity and acceptance of the paradigm that without satisfied employees one cannot achieve the desired operational performance. I think that slowly, the concept of "organizational happiness", makes its way in our companies, which is actually the foundation of a healthy professional attachment - or the so-called "engagement," said Valentin Tuca, CEO Aon South Eastern Europe.

Best Employers Study was conducted over a period of 9 months and offers a classification of companies in terms of image as employer, as based on the opinions of their own employees, identifying the areas with the greatest impact on growth employee performance.

In addition to ranking the best employers, this study provides some information about both employers and employees.

BES analyzes the level of professional involvement of employees based on three dimensions: "SAY" (employees who speak positively about the company they work for, in talking with friends, colleagues or clients), "STAY" (employees who want to stay in the company for more time and not think to leave) and "STRIVE" (employees who make an extra effort to help the company achieve results).

These sizes are supported by 19 factors that influence the professional involvement and among them we find: the sense of fulfillment, autonomy, resources, learning and development opportunities, the balance between personal and professional life, working environment, colleagues, performance management, employer reputation, attention paid to employees, benefits, recognition, etc.

The classification of companies is based on calculating a score obtained based on the opinion of the own employees, adjusted to the level of alignment between the employer strategy, leadership and process types - methodology developed by Aon in almost 20 years since the study is carried out worldwide.

Aon Hewitt is organizing Best Employers study annually for Central and Eastern Europe since 2001. The survey held in 2013 in the CEE included information collected from participating in the survey of more than 360,000 employees in over 430 companies in the region. Romania is on the list of countries surveyed since 2013, when it ranked 4th among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, following Hungary, Czech Republic and Russia.

Notes to editors

Aon plc (NYSE: AON) is the leading global provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, human resources consulting and outsourcing services. By the 66,000 employees worldwide, Aon gives the best service to its customers in over 120 countries, combining innovative and effective risk solutions with technical expertise of its worldwide resources. Aon has been named repeatedly the world's best broker, best insurance intermediary, best reinsurance intermediary, best employee benefit consultant and capital captive manager by multiple sources in the industry.
Visit www.aon.com for more information on Aon and Aon www.aon.com/manchesterunited for details on partnership with Manchester United.

Aon Romania, one of the largest insurance brokers in Romania, offers professional consultancy in insurance services, reinsurance, risk management and employee benefits for companies, authorities or financial institutions. The company founded in 1991, a subsidiary of Aon Group in 2005, Aon Romania is the largest operation in South-Eastern region, which also includes Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Moldova. Aon Romania holds the certificate of quality management ISO 9001/2008. For more information on Aon, visit www.aon.ro

Best Employers Study (BES) provides a classification of companies in terms of image one have as an employer on the basis of information submitted by their own employees. The study is aimed at companies with over 50 employees and at least two years on the market in Romania. In addition to a top ten best employers, which will be published in Romania in late November and at CEE next spring, this study provides information about both employees and employers. BES helps the managers of companies to find out how to obtain the best results with the resources one have in the company and how they can increase business performance by optimizing the level of employee engagement.
For more details about the study Best Employers in Romania visit www.bestemployersromania.com.

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