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News from Members EMEA Conferences’ event - Bid Exclusion Risks in Public Procurement Procedures

EMEA Conferences’ event - Bid Exclusion Risks in Public Procurement Procedures

by Iordache Partners March 8, 2017

 Experienced professors and practitioners from UK shed light on bid exclusion risks in public procurement procedures, with a focus on the breach of the competition and new data protection rules.

EMEA Conferences’ event - Bid Exclusion Risks in Public Procurement Procedures - focuses on the effects of breach of the competition and data protection rules on public procurement procedures, especially with respect to exclusion of bids, award criteria, evaluation of bids and award of contract.

The event displays a notable lineup of speakers – UK specialists, practitioners and professors in Public Procurement Peter Trepte, Roger Bickerstaff and Aris Georgopoulos. They shall provide analysis and solutions to the matter from the perspective of EU rules, already or soon to be transposed into Romanian legislation.

Some of the highlights at Bid Exclusion Risks in Public Procurement Procedures Conference include:

• Bid exclusions based on poor past performance and grave professional misconduct
• Effects of the new Data Protection Regulation on public procurement procedures
• Competition implications with respect to bid rigging and creation of consortia (including exchange of sensitive information) in public procurement procedures

The topics are of great relevance under current business climate marked by Romanian Competition Council’ public announcement with respect to strict investigations of consortia in public procurement procedures.

Furthermore, public procurement practitioners need to be aware of the impact of data protection law on public procurement procedures and awarded contracts. The new set of rules introduces significantly increased sanctions calculated by reference to the undertaking’s worldwide annual turnover of the preceding financial year.

The conference will be run in English. A complete agenda of the event and registration are available at www.emeaconferences.com.

AmCham Romania members benefit of a 5% discount off the participation fee - please mention AMCHAM upon registration.

About EMEA Conferences

EMEA Conferences organizes workshops and conferences targeting the very pragmatic and concrete topics generated put forward by the business. The invited speakers – world renowned specialist - deliver specialized updates on topics which are sensitive for the business community.

EMEA Conferences brings in well-known foreign experts that have extensive experience in the topics they address. Lecturers are highly regarded professors, authors of specialised books or successful practitioners. Topics debated are always of current importance and follow the most recent practice and doctrine.

Conferences’ structure defends boredom and allows a good fit into the delegates’ busy schedule.

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