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News from Members Bilateral Investment Opportunities Under High-Level Scrutiny

Bilateral Investment Opportunities Under High-Level Scrutiny

by CMS Cameron McKenna September 24, 2015

Investors, bankers, capital markets and financial services expert and representatives of major companies have met today in Bucharest during a CMS Romania & Bucharest Stock Exchange joint event aimed at discussing investment opportunities between Romania and Poland.

The similarities and differences, opportunities and trends of the capital and financial markets in the two countries were among the main subjects tackled during the meeting. Speakers from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Romania, the Bucharest Stock Exchange, CMS Romania & Poland, Deutsche Bank, INC, Ipopema, Carpathia Capital, Erste Bank, ING Pensii and others major companies underlined the appeal of the local economic environment of the two countries, while referring to investment success stories registered in the last period.

Cristina Reichmann, Partner, Head of Capital Markets / FIS, CMS Romania, initiator of the event said: "We believe there is a serious potential for growth in the market and the interest and the volume of the Polish investments in Romania is a clear indicator of this. Furthermore, today’s panel discussion is testament to the fact that there are both interest and opportunities out there. We thank our partners form Bucharest Stock Exchange for having joined us in this initiative of bringing together opportunities and capitals for a strong partnership”.

Ludwik Sobolewski, CEO, Bucharest Stock Exchange, stated: "Much has been said and many times about the importance of regional cooperation, which has a great chance to be greatly embedded by a business bridge between Romania and Poland. We have been passing to actions already for some time, as it may be demonstrated‎ by international synergies accompanying the creation of the AeRO market. We hope the first Romanian-Polish investors Day, taking place in Bucharest, will result in new business projects, which will be put on the stage of the capital market."

Wlodzimierz Sadzik, Head of Trade and Investment Promotion Section, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Bucharest, said: "Romania is a very attractive place for Polish investors and is located on the 16th place in terms of the value of Polish foreign direct investments, with the overall level of the invested capital amounted to over 500 million EUR. In general, Polish business community appreciates Romania as a large internal market, with relatively low labor costs, favorable geographical location and as the gateway to the entire region of the Balkans, Turkey, Asia and North Africa. There are good prospects for the further investments, not only in the industrial area, but also in the financial sector and services. Unfortunately, the Romanian investments in Poland are still relatively small and according to the available data amounted to about 20 million EUR”.

Bogumil Kloc, Vice President, Investor Services Sales, Institutional Cash & Securities Services, Deutsche Bank, concluded: "It was a pleasure and great opportunity to participate in Romanian-Polish Investors Day, and share our market expertise from the CEE Region and beyond. I am optimistic, having had an interesting discussion, this shall pave the way towards further consultations on local market development, harmonisation with other EU markets, and reduction of outstanding market entry barriers for buy side investors.”

Gabriel Sidere, Managing Partner of CMS in Romania, commented: "We are delighted to have had the opportunity to organize Romanian-Polish Investors Day, and to contribute to the development of regional cooperation. Today, Romania is of particular interest to investors in the region and we, at CMS, are glad to be the catalyst for new projects and business initiatives in the region. CMS team in Romania and Poland offers a unique perspective to promote transnational projects proven by the successful completion of numerous regional projects in the last 10 years. Detailed knowledge of the economic particularities of Romania and Poland gives CMS the regional expertise so much needed by multinational companies present here. CMS facilitator role in the successful completion of investment projects is our business card in the region.”

The event is part of an ongoing CMS initiative to strengthen multi-sectorial and multi-jurisdictional business collaboration among top local and regional players and regulators, while providing an in-depth analysis of the market opportunities.

Continuing today’s undertaking, September 24 and 25, Bucharest Stock Exchange will host a reverse road show in Bucharest as part of their series of 'Investor Days' events, where the main listed companies on the Bucharest Stock Exchange will meet with investors, one-on-one.

Romania is a very important economic partner for Poland. There is a long history of successful and dynamic economic cooperation between the 2 countries, Romania ranking 12th place among the countries of the European Union in terms of trade with Poland. Bilateral trade turnover amounted to the record value of more than 4 billion EUR in 2014, and is expected to reach 4,5 billion EUR in 2015. Poland exports to Romania many goods including machinery and equipment, plastics materials, chemical products, mineral products, agro-food articles, furniture and many others. On the other side, Romania exports to Poland mechanical equipment, metal products, motor vehicles and spare parts, textiles and clothing, wood materials and many others products.

Largest Polish investors on the Romanian market: MASPEX TYMBARK (agri-food products), CIECH (soda products), PROFI (network of food supermarkets), PRYSZYNSKI (roofing tales), FORTE (furniture), BARLINEK (wooden panels), PORTA (construction woodwork), ASSECO (computer services), ORLEN ASFALT (asphalt bitumen) and many others.

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