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News from Members A High School Graduate from Romania, Amongst the top 1,5% of Students Worldwide to Achieve Maximum Results in A-Level Exams. He has been Accepted at a top 10-Ranked University

A High School Graduate from Romania, Amongst the top 1,5% of Students Worldwide to Achieve Maximum Results in A-Level Exams. He has been Accepted at a top 10-Ranked University

by British School of Bucharest August 24, 2022

High school graduates from Romania are increasingly in demand by foreign universities. This year one of them has achieved remarkable results: the highest grades possible in A-Level examinations, often referred to as „the golden standard” in education. Subsequent to these results, he has also been accepted at Imperial College London, recently ranked as the 6th best university in the world according to the QS World University Rankings for 2023, to study Biological Sciences.

Romanian student was admitted to one of the world's best universities 

George Popovici was always interested in the natural world and the way the world works in the field of Biological Science. While at school, he volunteered for Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History and has been specialising in the taxonomy and biogeography of Chilopoda. He also published the results of his research.

Choosing to study in a British curriculum school, he wanted to take in-depth, high level courses in personal areas of interest.The British curriculum allows for a high-level focus on specific areas chosen by each student as they prepare for the A-Level examinations in three or four subjects. The A-Level exams are internationally acknowledged and are very important for admissions to top universities worldwide.

George Popovici, BSB Head Student, obtained an outstanding 4 A*s, something which around 1,5% of students worldwide manage. 

I received offers from Radboud University in the Netherlands, The University of Edinburgh in Scotland and Warwick, University College London and Imperial College London in England. What I looked for most was their current research activity, the fields they are involved in, the research ranking worldwide, but also the opportunities that I would have as a student to work with people who are leading research in the fields of Biology, that interests me most. I ultimately opted for Imperial College London. The most important factor was how close it is to a lot of current research institutes and how closely it collaborates with venues like the Natural History Museum and Kew Botanical Gardens, which provide a lot of options for students who want to pursue specialist areas of Biology - it’s like a living laboratory. - George Popovici, Head Student British School of Buchares

For a long time, universities in the UK have been the preferred choice of many students studying in Romania. In recent years, however, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Germany have become increasingly popular for our students, alongside destinations in Canada and the USA. To be accepted to study at such educational institutions, A-Level exams are a route that has been proven over many years. The British curriculum and especially the preparation for A-Level exams, are developed in such a way as to help students develop solid study skills and, at the same time, to develop their ability to think and argue critically. 

‘Studying at a top university is both a challenge and a privilege. The opportunity to learn with the best students from the best teachers is a fantastic opportunity for a successful career in your chosen field and to create your future relationships. A-Level exams allow students to learn and deepen their subjects of interest at a standard that is hard to match. We are happy to receive the annual results of these exams because our students' excellent results define our work’,  Jason Porter, Head of Secondary British School of Bucharest.

There's no such thing as ”too early” if your goal is to attend a university abroad. The application process is not for everyone, and preparing for it takes time and, more importantly, a solid foundation. 

The last two years of study are essential in achieving the results you want, and I'm not just talking about academic results. Career counselling, individual university guidance focused on students' interests and qualities, choosing the right courses and universities, writing the admission essays, and deepening interview techniques are important components in the admission process to top universities in Europe and globally - Chloe Millward, Head of Key Stage 5, British School of Bucharest. 

The UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany are the European countries with the most top-ranked universities in the world. Although it is the second smallest continent, Europe is home to more than 500 of the top 1,500 universities worldwide. For this reason, there is significant competition to gain access to universities like Imperial College, UvA, or universities such as NYU and the University of Toronto, where our students have also attained places this year. It is a mission that requires hard work, dedication, and valuable information from people with experience in the field. 

These past two years have been particularly challenging for students from all over the world, due to the coronavirus pandemic, and for our students at BSB as well. So the results of our Year 13 students who sat their A-Level examinations this academic year - 49% A*-A and 71% A*-B grades – are truly outstanding. As the grades have dropped significantly worldwide, our students rank amongst our highest achieving year groups historically at BSB. Over 90% of our students are moving onto their chosen universities globally: UK, Holland, Germany, Italy, Canada, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, USA, and The Philippines. The universities are some of the most prestigious in the world, including Imperial College London, The University of Toronto, UvA, Groningen, Bocconi, New York University, and University of Arts London. - Grant Gillies, Headmaster British School of Bucharest 

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