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News from Members €2.2 million ZDMP & European Commission Open Call funding opportunity NOW OPEN

€2.2 million ZDMP & European Commission Open Call funding opportunity NOW OPEN

by SIVECO Romania September 21, 2021


Great news for small and medium enterprise in software development or manufacturing!

SIMAVI, as partner in the Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform (ZDMP) project team, invites all Romanian SME software developers, manufacturers and innovative Industry4.0 solution providers to apply for a share of the second €2.2million EC H2020 Open Call.

So let’s create, test, validate and integrate innovative zero-defect solutions for Industry4.0!

Who qualifies for the 2nd call?

Please apply if you meet the following criteria:

• You are a single SME or small consortia (max. 2 partners, with the SME as the lead), manufacturer or software developer established in an EU Member State, Associated Country or the UK, as defined in EU Law: EU Recommendation 2003/361, and are eligible for participation in H2020 programmes (Consortia or Sub-contractor bids are permitted with certain restrictions and justifications)

• You are a stable, solvent, legal entity and are active in the I4.0 sector

• You have no substantial formal business relationships with any ZDMP partner organization (e.g. predominantly or wholly-owned subsidiary, or affiliate) – if you are a customer or supplier there are no restrictions

The focus for Open Call 2 is on ZDMP Applications – zApps – these are novel zero-defect applications which combine ZDMP components and/or 3rd party services. Qualifying activities fall into three broad areas: Development, Integration & Validation / Testing.


Sub-projects for the development of: Design-time / Run-time digital manufacturing applications and services; new AI/Machine Learning solutions and new algorithms; developing/extending existing ZDMP applications/solutions into new domains.


Sub-projects to improve the ZDMP ecosystem by integrating existing 3rd party applications/components/services/platforms or integrating ZDMP applications (zApps)/ components with 3rd party processes in new domains.

Validation / Testing

Sub-projects for functional, scenario and technical validation and/or performance or usability testing of ZDMP applications (zApps)/ components in 'real-world' manufacturing contexts.

You can get further details on Also, the documents related to this call, including the applicant’s guide can be found here:

The Call closes on the 1st October 2021, 17:00 (CET). The qualified projects will start in January 2022, with a fixed duration of 9 months.

Why join the ZDMP Open Calls?

  • You will receive between €50-150K funding and support to develop new services/products
  • You will own what you produce and will be able to exploit outcomes across your business
  • You will have the opportunity to develop new, working relationships with businesses in the Industry4.0 domain
  • You will have access to a new sales channel through the ZDMP Marketplace provided via partner i4FS
  • There are a range of sub-project types and funding amounts available for you to choose from.

About ZDMP project

ZDMP is a Research & Development project that by December 2022 will provide an extendable platform to support factories reach a goal of zero defects, with a focus on product and production quality assurance in four challenging industrial areas: Automotive, Machine tools, Construction and Electronics.

Software Imagination & Vision (SIMAVI) from Romania contributes to the development of the ZDMP platform, human collaboration environment, marketplace and service framework to developers.

ZDMP is a project funded by the H2020 Framework Programme of the European Commission. It engages 31 partners (Manufacturers, Technology Providers, Consultants, Research Institutions) from 11 countries.

More info:

Project website:

Submission Platform:



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