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News from Members 30 Years of World Vision in Romania- Be Their Heroes!

30 Years of World Vision in Romania- Be Their Heroes!

by World Vision Romania July 8, 2020

In June, World Vision has celebrated 30 years of presence in Romania. For 30 years we have been besides vulnerable children in villages, their families and the communities they belong to. But our intervention would not have been possible without the support of people like you, people who care and who want to see a positive change around them.

For 30 years, the #Hidden Heroes from the great community of World Vision Romania, whether we are talking about teachers, psychologists, social workers, individual and corporate donors, volunteers or employees, have planted hope in the lives of over 560,000 children and adults in 500 rural communities, the direct beneficiaries of our programs. Their work has had a major impact on education, social protection, health, social entrepreneurship and rural development, and emergency interventions.

You will be able to follow their stories and we invite you to help us spread their word: https://bit.ly/3fc61Fl



With the occasion of World Vision's 30th anniversary, what they want, more than ever, is for children to continue learning. The last months have put the education system in Romania into the spotlight, and all the shortcomings have been clearly seen.

In this direction, World Vision has launched the #EroiNestiuti campaign (Hidden Heroes), which is a call for the digitalization of education, as well as the modernization of schools in the communities where they are present:https://bit.ly/3fc61Fl

People who want to support children to continue learning, that could be left behind because they lack resources, can donate either via SMS to 8864 with the text SPERANTA (4 euros), or directly onto the campaign website, where any amount can be donated.

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