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AmCham Romania Members #StandWithUkraine Help for Ukraine

Help for Ukraine

by HOSPICE Casa Sperantei March 8, 2022

Website www.hospice.ro

HOSPICE Casa Speranței is opening its doors also to cancer patients coming from Ukraine. Thus, HOSPICE will be the House of Hope also for the Ukrainians, diagnosed with oncological diseases, who are currently in Bucharest and require medical care.

At the same time, HOSPICE already contacted several specialists and organizations that provide palliative care services in Ukraine to identify their needs in order to send donations of medicines and medical supplies.

Palliative care for Romanians, but also for Ukrainians

At the Bucharest center of HOSPICE Casa Sperantei, there are 11 beds available for Ukrainian cancer patients. We treat all patients with the same devotion and care, regardless of the country they come from. HOSPICE continues its mission and offers: medical care, social support, psychological and spiritual counseling.

Call for collective mobilization

Only a collective effort can lead to remarkable results. Therefore, we need the involvement of the whole community, which is why at HOSPICE Casa Speranței we called on people to support us in providing #ingrijirepaliativa for Ukraine.

The initiative can be supported by a donation or sponsorship, with the message UKRAINE, in one of the following accounts:

RO05 BACX 0000 0002 7165 6002 (EUR)

RO59 BACX 0000 0002 7165 6000 (RON)

Or via SMS with the text TIME to 8864.

At HOSPICE, we value every life and every moment!

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