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AmCham Romania Members #StandWithUkraine Call for Donations: Roof & Food to support Ukraine

Call for Donations: Roof & Food to support Ukraine

by Roof & Food for Ukraine Association February 7, 2023

Asociatia Roof & Food, is registered in Giurgiu. The association is dedicated to war zone victims and was specially registered to face the situation created in Ukraine.

The association has 2 major axes:

  1. Abused women (victims of the conflict), so for this, shelters and healing centers will be constructed following the guidance of the Istanbul Convention.
  2. Medical aid for the de-occupied regions.

We have currently 2 warehouses in Belgium (where most of our medical donations are coming from) and 2 in Ukraine. Roof & Food finance the logistics between western Europe & the destination point in Ukraine.

To date, we, and our partners in Europe, sent to Ukraine 53 trucks of medical aid, and 60 ambulances.

Just this week, we sent 200 medical beds, with matrasses and 30 dialysis machines to the de-occupied regions and 32 pallets of blankets from the hospitality industry (they were collected in Amsterdam).

In the de-occupied region, all the medical infrastructure was looted and what could not have been taken was destroyed. There is simply no more medical infrastructure, where this is the location with most needs.

We received from our donors in Belgium two weeks ago a major project, the biggest medical donation ever from a single donor to Ukraine, a 750 beds full fledge hospital with all its equipment (intensive care, maternity, oncology, RMI, x-rays, burn unit, etc..) from Belgium. The patients (ZNA Stuivenberg) are being transferred into a new regional one (newly equipped too) that will be operational this summer.

We are therefore offered the entire hospital when it ceases to function this summer.

The President of the association Roof & Food is Benoit Pleska, is also the chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ukrposhta, the Ukrainian National Operator, a company of 60.000 employees, the logistical backbone of the country and a company that follows immediately the army in the de-occupied territories. There are no humanitarians working in these high intensity zone, only postmen. This explains the high efficiency in terms of logistics of Roof & Food and the constant medical aid flow which is delivered there.

We would like to call the members of the AmCham to contribute and support the project of Roof & Food in Ukraine with their donations. The Stuivenberg Hosiptal will require a major budget as decommissioning an entire hospital and recommissioning it in Ukraine, can only be done by specialized companies. Those will be contracted by Roof & Food.

Benoit Pleska is currently commuting 5 weeks in Kyiv and 2 weeks in Bucharest. He should be in Bucharest between February 13th to February 24th, where he could be met to provide more details.

Any sponsor over €25.000 will receive a stamp of the Snake Island issued by Ukrposhta, over €500.000 sponsors will receive the Snake Island folder with 12 stamps and 2 stamped special envelope.

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