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by AmCham Romania

In April 1993, the initiative of a few subsidiaries of American blue-chip companies, such as Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Computerland, Delta Airlines, Honeywell, became reality when the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania, since then known as AmCham Romania, was founded. All members at that time were U.S. companies among which some of them had made the largest foreign investment in the country after the fall of communism.

AmCham Romania was established following the signing of the Romanian-American Trade Agreement, which opened an extremely favorable perspective for the expansion of bilateral economic collaboration and the significant increase of American investment in Romania.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister of the time in April 1993, AmCham members initiated the first advocacy mission, by signaling the main factors causing difficulties for the timid private sector at that time. Lack of consistency in the newly introduced legislative framework;

  • The bureaucratic procedures of state authorities in relation with private companies;
  • The uncertainty regarding the effective decision-making powers of the executive management of state-owned companies.

Today, AmCham operates in a fully-fledged EU and NATO member state, representing nearly 500 members - U.S. based, international and Romanian companies doing business in Romania. 

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