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News from Members Uber introduces Business Profiles in Romania: separate profile for business trips and access to tax documents, directly from the app

Uber introduces Business Profiles in Romania: separate profile for business trips and access to tax documents, directly from the app

by Uber Romania July 25, 2016

Website www.uber.com

• Starting today, Uber users in Romania can set up a business profile and make the difference between business trips and personal service
• Uber has developed the app to allow Romanian users to download tax documents after each ride and program their weekly or monthly reports

Uber announces that the Business Profiles option is now available for users in Romania. This allows them to distinguish between personal and business trips and to associate different bank accounts of the two profiles: personal and business.

For this, Uber has developed the technology behind the application that now enables easy downloading and processing of tax documents issued by partners drivers who provide services on Uber platform.

"Uber is a global player that adapts to context and local requirements. Many users have asked for this feature, and now we are happy to give them the opportunity to make a separate profile for business rides and easy access to tax documents for the settlement of charges. Uber next step will be for Uber for Business, a service for companies. It will allow companis to make an account under which to provide employees business trips, both in Romania but also in another countries where Uber operate. For employees, this means that they no longer have to pay and afterwards to settle the trip, the company will cover directly the cost, "said Nicoleta Schroeder, General Manager, Uber Romania.

Moving from one profile to another is as simple as a touch of a button. Regardless of the selected profile (personal or business), Romanian users can now download their tax documents after each trip and can opt to receive weekly or monthly reports, covering all documents relating to that period.
More details on the pe blog.

How you set your business profile:

• In Uber app selects the Menu button in the upper left corner of the screen and go to Settings
• You will be able to set up a business profile, change the email address where to tax documents will be sent, and details of the credit card associated to the profile
• Then you have the option to set how often you'll receive the trip reports - can be weekly, monthly, or both
• You can edit the name of the business profile (eg Alex - work) and its associated image.

About Uber
Uber's mission is to make urban transport as accessible as running water - everywhere, for everyone. Uber company was founded in 2009 in the United States in order to solve a simple problem - how to order a trip at a touch of a button. Six years and over a billion rips later, Uber aims to solve an even bigger challenge: reducing pollution and urban congestion, bringing more people into fewer cars. Since February 2015, Uber is in Romania, in Bucharest, with three services: uberX, UberSELECT and Uber Child Seat.

For more information: press@uber.com

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