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News from Members Together we can keep Romania alive!

Together we can keep Romania alive!

by Vodafone Foundation December 5, 2023

Together we can keep Romania alive! You can give a chance for life to premature newborns or those with serious health problems.

Romania has the highest infant mortality rate in the European Union (EU), with 5.6 deaths per 1,000 live births, almost double the infant mortality rate in the EU, which is 3.4 deaths per 1,000 live births. Only in 14 cities in the country, where there are wards of level III, equipped with the necessary gear for intensive therapy, newborns with major problems can receive adequate care. High-risk newborns cannot be treated in the remaining 169 Level I and Level II neonatology wards and units and must be transferred to Level III wards. For some of them, the transfer means a delay in medical intervention and can have fatal consequences. At the same time, places in units with level III nursing skills in neonatology are limited and can take cases only according to availability.

The „Life for Newborns Fund” is a program of Vodafone Romania Foundation for the renovation, modernization, and equipment with medical gear of neonatology departments and sections in public hospitals throughout the country.

In the last 10 years, the Vodafone Romania Foundation has carried out projects worth over 5 million euros for the construction, modernization and equipment of neonatology and intensive care units for newborns throughout the country: the construction and equipment of the neonatal intensive care unit at the Marie Curie Hospital in Bucharest, the renovation and modernization of the neonatal intensive care unit at Constanța County Hospital, and the endowment with medical equipment of the neonatology wards and the neonatal intensive care units in Botoșani, Caransebeș, Craiova, Campulung, Cluj, Mediaș, Moldova Nouă, Slatina and Târgu Mureș.

To supplement the existing budget and expand the „Life for Newborns Fund” program in as many medical units as possible, the Vodafone Foundation is continuing its fund-raising campaign asking support both from individual donors and from the companies.

You have the opportunity to direct 20% of the profit / income tax of your company and to give premature newborns or those with serious health problems a chance for life! Your company can sponsor Life for Newborns Fund in the following ways:

  1. By using Form D177 until December 25, to redirect the funds available for sponsorships and unallocated in 2022 – you need to sign the contract from here and fill in the 177 form from ANAF
  2. By redirecting 20% of your company’s tax for 2023 until December 31 using this contract.

More details are available on:

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