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News from Members Supporting the protection of Amazonian Rainforest, Concelex compensates for its carbon footprint

Supporting the protection of Amazonian Rainforest, Concelex compensates for its carbon footprint

by Concelex December 15, 2021


Concelex is the only Romanian general contractor to compensate for its carbon footprint in 2020, thus reducing its impact on the environment. Part of a process started in 2016, the company continues the "Carbon-zero" strategy, currently funding the Rainforest Community project in Peru, an initiative against deforestation taking place in the Amazon basin, certified by the Verified Carbon Standard and The Climate, Community & Biodiversity (CCB) Standards. The construction sector has a significant impact on the environment, accounting for 36% of carbon emissions in Europe and 39% worldwide.

Providing integrated construction services for buildings, civil engineering, infrastructure and energy, Concelex continues its sustainability policy by calculating and compensating for annual carbon emissions. The carbon emissions resulting from the company’s activities are calculated by authorized external partners - First Climate and Carbon Expert. It takes into account direct emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels by the company’s vehicle fleet, indirect emissions resulting from electricity consumption and other indirect emissions from business travels and the commute of employees. This carbon footprint is then compensated for by investing in an equivalent number of carbon credits associated with this forestry project, a project having multiple environmental and social benefits.

Project of 100,000 hectares of rainforest, supported by the Concelex endeavor

Offsetting carbon dioxide is based on a pro rata financial contribution, corresponding to the carbon dioxide tones which could not be reduced by other means. This year’s project to be supported is the Rainforest Community Project in Peru, an initiative bringing together a community of hundreds of families who harvest Brazil nuts in the Peruvian Amazon. The project provides a viable alternative to deforestation by supplying sustainably generated income for local communities, by managing two forestry concessions of over 100,000 hectares covered by dense rainforest. Purchasing carbon certificates for funding the project contributes to effective surveillance against deforestation.

“Each year, we take the company's mission – <<building excellence>> - a step further. We adhere to the green business concept in order to leave our signature not only on the constructions we build, but also on the environment, in a sustainable way. A strategy such as << Carbon-zero >>, initiated by Concelex since 2016, meets European regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all sectors,” says Daniel Piturlea, Concelex CEO.

Carbon emission calculations are currently carried out by Carbon Expert and First Climate, one of the leading service providers in the fields of carbon dioxide and green energy management. With more than 20 years of market experience, the company is supporting hundreds of companies globally in achieving their climate goals.

Without voluntary commitment of the private sector, the aim of the Paris Agreement to keep global warming well below 2°C, is unattainable. By committing to take climate action, Concelex contributes to the fight against global warming and First Climate will be happy to further support and enable their engagement,” says Julia Lobenwein, Climate Neutral and Green Energy Expert at First Climate.  

The endeavor of balancing the company’s carbon footprint by supporting a climate protection project supplements Concelex’ management plan to reduce the company’s impact on the environment. Thus, sustainable measures include selective waste collection from construction sites, carried out exclusively by authorized companies, as well as monitoring environmental factors by performing periodic analyses of wastewater.

At European level, the European Union aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels, a target that will require emissions to fall faster in all sectors, from agriculture to heavy industry. The building sector has a significant impact on the environment, accounting for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of carbon dioxide emissions, according to statistics.

In addition, a key issue discussed at the COP26 summit, a global summit organized by the United Nations on climate change and how countries intend to address it, is the significant impact of the construction sector in Europe and its key influence in fighting climate change. The building sector is responsible for 39% of global emissions and 35% of global energy use, playing a pivotal role in the fight and race to decarbonize.


About Concelex:

Founded back in 1994 and having 27+ years building experience, Concelex is a private, family owned General Contractor.  Based in Bucharest, Romania, we provide fully integrated construction services for both public institutional and private clients – buildings, civil engineering, infrastructure and energy.  Concelex is active countrywide, but also operates in EU countries, such as Germany and Austria.

Backed by a team of 700+ specialists and a varied clients’ portfolio, Concelex’s large-scale works include residential compounds – such as Parcului20 and Arbo Residence -, Steaua and Rapid stadiums, works in the energy sector (Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant), thermal rehabilitation works for apartment buildings located in different Bucharest districts, projects dedicated to the educational or cultural sector (The Orthodox Cathedral in Munich etc.). Concelex is the first and only carbon-neutral general contractor in Romania.

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