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News from Members Redirect Your 3.5% Income Tax to Support WorldVision Education Programs in Romania

Redirect Your 3.5% Income Tax to Support WorldVision Education Programs in Romania

by World Vision Romania January 31, 2020

Education is their chance. Children from rural areas need your help!

Go to https://worldvision.ro/implica-te/sustine-activitatea-fundatiei/directioneaza-3-virgula-5-din-impozit/ and download the form, complete it and send it to ANAF by the 25th of May. A single form, calculated at a minimum wage, keeps a child in school for an entire week. Reach out to those who are in need!

Muddy roads, modest houses and their broken fences make up the landscape of the 15 kilometres that Andreea commutes every day to get to school in Coțofeni, Dolj county.

Still, she carries other burdens on her shoulders, even though she is only in 4th grade. Her and her brother were left with their father from an early age, after their mother fled the county and never looked back. The father of two works as a taxi driver to provide for his family, and, while he is gone, the two children are taken care of by their aunt. Being the only feminine figure in the life of the 2 children, she tries to offer them affection and moral support that Andreea and her brother desperately need. As much as she can, she encourages them to do their homework, offering them her own example: she only graduated 4 grades and did not have the chance to a better future. At the same time, their father wishes that both of his children have a chance to an education that, unfortunately, him and his sister did not benefit from.

Andreea is just one of the 1259 children from World Vision Romania’s Bread for Tomorrow programme. Day by day, extremely vulnerable children from villages are supported to build a different future from their parents, through education. Each day, at school, they benefit from a warm meal and 2 hours of help with homework from qualified teachers. As a result, 70% of children in the Bread for Tomorrow programme improved their school results in 2019.

Without education, today’s vulnerable children become tomorrow’s socially assisted adults....This is the reality that World Vision Romania seeks to change, but this is not possible without your help. The easiest means to make children’s road to school more accessible is by redirecting 3,5% from your income tax. It is absolutely free and, if undirected, this income tax percentage is left to the state.

Find our more about the programme on: www.painesimaine.ro.


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