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News from Members Musat & Asociatii names 3 new equity partners and promotes another 7 lawyers in senior positions within the firm

Musat & Asociatii names 3 new equity partners and promotes another 7 lawyers in senior positions within the firm

by Musat & Asociatii January 15, 2021

Website www.musat.ro

Musat & Asociatii is delighted to announce the promotion of 3 new equity partners from the elite of its own panel of lawyers. Moreover, 7 other lawyers have been promoted in senior positions, in areas of practice such as Litigation and Arbitration, Restructuring and Insolvency, Mergers and Acquisitions, Health and Pharmaceutical law or Labour law, as well as Infrastructure and Public Procurement.

“The quality and ability of a firm’s partners has never been more important. The role of all partners, with a special emphasis on our equity partners, is essential in strengthening the firm’s standards, along with increasing the quality of the legal services we provide our clients. By recognizing the continued performance of our colleagues, the firm aims to continue its strategy of consolidating the practices that have significantly contributed to the success of Musat & Asociatii in a challenging time”, says Gheorghe Musat, Managing Partner.

Cosmin Libotean is a highly experienced legal professional, with an excellent reputation and a vast experience stretched over the past 15 years. Cosmin’s practice covers commercial litigation, administrative litigation and complex public procurement disputes. Cosmin’s election to the firm’s equity partnership only comes as a natural recognition of his professional success, having represented before national and international courts an impressive number of top companies, in various practices. Among those, Cosmin has represented clients acting in finance and banking, pharma, as well as media or retail, in cases with significant financial implications. Moreover, Cosmin’s joining of the firm’s core partnership will contribute significantly to strengthening our litigation and arbitration practice, providing the firm’s clients with impeccable services. This is in line with the appreciation received by Musat& Asociatii’s litigators over the years for the promptness and efficiency proven in managing complex cases before the courts or arbitral tribunals.

Andra Mihalache, who has recently been promoted to Partner, is a litigation lawyer with a keen sense of refinement, enjoying a reputation for providing innovative solutions in civil law litigation, while assisting and representing clients from almost all industries in cases that have been both difficult and sensitive. Throughout her career, Andra has defended the interests of clients in complex cases, with a particular emphasis on the restitution of property abusively confiscated by the communist regime, commercial disputes and administrative litigation or judicial reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings. Andra’s promotion comes as a result of the trust she enjoys from her clients and fellow colleagues, and confirms the appreciation for her involvement and exceptional results in the management of various litigious cases with which she was entrusted during her ascension in M&A.

Cristi Tudor is an excellent and reputed insolvency practitioner with a rich and extensive professional experience built and developed during his career with Musat & Asociatii, spanning more than 15 years. Cristi is actively involved in the firm’s Restructuring & Insolvency practice. Currently the co-coordinator of the department, he assists numerous large clients active in various sectors, such as energy and infrastructure, transportation and constructions or services and technology, in some of the most extensive and complex restructuring and insolvency mandates the firm has.

Alongside the appointment of our three new partners, the firm is proud to recognize the merits, expertise and dedication of its senior lawyers: Stefan Diaconescu, Mateea Predescu, Ana Maria Abrudan and Dragos Lungu, who have been promoted to the position of Managing Associate.

Stefan Diaconescu is a promising young criminal law/white-collar crime lawyer who has already gained a vast experience handling the firm’s most complicated and resounding economic criminal investigation cases, in the past years. Additionally, Stefan frequently assists the firm’s clients in internal investigations and sensitive regulatory and compliance issues in a range of sectors, including transportation, energy, and intellectual property. His precision in identifying key elements, the relevance of his solutions, and his convincing writing and power of argumentation before prosecutors and courts are Stefan’s indisputable qualities that repeatedly impressed magistrates, colleagues and clients alike. With these remarkable performances, Stefan has brought great recognition to the firm and his colleagues.

Mateea Predescu has an extensive experience in assisting and representing the firm’s clients. With a focus on renowned local and international companies in the pharmaceutical industry, Mateea assisted clients in connection to some of the most complex regulation and compliance issues related to the medical sector. Her experience also covers the assistance and representation in litigations related to clawback taxation and consumer protection. In this dynamic and challenging field, Mateea stood out by obtaining unanimously recognized results, creating jurisprudence that facilitated the unblocking of market mechanisms aimed at aspects of labelling, packaging and marketing of consumer products. The relevance of her claims, her proven rigor, her promptness and complete legal knowledge are elements highly appreciated by Mateea’s clients and colleagues. These are also the reasons that motivated her promotion to the position of Managing Associate.

Ana Maria Abrudan is a young and dynamic lawyer with a vast experience in the areas of regulation and compliance and complex multi-jurisdictional transactions. Ana Maria mainly focuses on assisting multinational companies in highly regulated fields, such as civil and military infrastructure, energy and natural resources, as well as telecommunications, media & IT, while being recognized as a reputable professional in environmental law, public procurement and public-private partnerships. The proven experience and efficiency of her legal advice, as well as the quality of the solutions she has offered were especially appreciated by the firm’s clients, especially concerning the management of interactions between the private and public sectors, where Ana’s involvement generated new investment prospects, despite numerous legislative shortcomings.

Dragos Lungu is a bright lawyer with an extensive experience in consultancy and litigation related to labour law. Dragos has assisted numerous local and international clients in a wide range of difficult and far-reaching mandates, such as restructuring or collective redundancies, outsourcing, drafting and negotiation of individual and collective labour contracts, management contracts and trade union regulations. Dragos has repeatedly distinguished himself by his rigor and the suppleness of his solutions, gaining trust from both employers and employees. This was highly appreciated by the firm’s clients, as a rare and beneficial element that strengthened their relationship with their employees and their reputation as employers. Furthermore, Dragos managed to impress various labour law courts with his capacity for synthesis and efficient pleadings, thus obtaining extraordinary results in sensitive fields.

Additionally, Sirin Omer, Alin Sinocicu, and Roxana Mihailescu join their more experienced colleagues and are promoted to Senior Associates, in recognition of their valuable skills, experience, and results obtained while successfully assisting various M&A clients.

All three are experienced and knowledgeable lawyers that assisted and represented our clients in various business sectors. While performing their activity, they have offered advice to both local and international clients in relation to civil, commercial and administrative law, company law and litigation as well as public procurement and criminal law.  

“I am extremely delighted to congratulate all our lawyers for this promotion and well-deserved step forward in their careers. Although this has been a hectic year, we are proud to continue to support the professional development of our colleagues. We will like to thank them for their effort and contribution towards the success of the M&A projects, while we wish them a lot of success in their new positions”, comments Gheorghe Musat, Founder.

Musat & Asociatii



About Musat & Asociatii

MUSAT & ASOCIATII (www.musat.ro) is one of the first law firms established in Romania, immediately after the fall of the communist regime in December 1989. MUSAT & ASOCIATII provides consulting services in all business law areas, including Mergers & Acquisitions, Privatization, Banking, Energy & Natural Resources, Competition, Corporate, Telecommunications & IT, Labour, Tax, Capital Markets, Real Estate, Environmental Law, Litigation & Commercial Arbitration and Criminal Law.

On a regular basis, MUSAT & ASOCIATII provides the most renowned and valued corporations in Romania and abroad, including a third of Top 100 and a half of Top 500 largest companies in Romania, as well as public and financial institutions with legal assistance on intricate corporate and financial transactions and complex dispute resolution procedures. The law firm’s portfolio includes over 2.500 clients, most of which are foreign investors.

Recognized as one of the pillars of Romania’s business law practice, MUSAT & ASOCIATII is constantly recommended by international specialized publications (Chambers & Partners, International Financial Law Review, Legal 500 etc.) as a leading law firm in Romania. Besides, many of its attorneys have been nominated by such publications among the elite of business law in Romania.

In 2019, MUSAT & ASOCIATII won the “Law Firm of the Year in Romania” award, a distinction handed out by the “The Times Legal Innovation, as well as awards for the areas of practice: Mergers and Acquisitions/Privatization, Infrastructure and PPP/Public Procurement and Criminal Law.

In 2018, MUSAT & ASOCIATII was awarded by prestigious magazine, CEE Legal Matters, for the largest M&A Pharma transaction in Romania (Dr. Max acquisition of A&D Pharma group). Also in 2018, The Times legal Innovation granted awards for the areas of practice: Mergers and Acquisitions/Privatization, Infrastructure and PPP/Public Procurement and Criminal Law.

In 2016, MUSAT & ASOCIATII received the award for the largest transaction in the energy field, for assistance granted to Sterling Resources in the process of sale of operations in Romania to Carlyle International Energy Partners, as well as the award for the largest HORECA transaction for assisting Premier Capital in purchasing McDonald’s in Romania (awards granted by Ziarul Financiar, during the Attorney Gala).

In 2015, MUSAT & ASOCIATII won the “Law Firm of the Year in Romania” award, a distinction handed out annually by the reputed British publisher “The Lawyer”, and in 2013, MUSAT & ASOCIATII was appointed “Law Firm of the Year in Romania” by International Financial Law Review (IFLR), and this was the second time when the firm was granted this prestigious award, after the distinction received in 2011 (when Romania was included for the first time on the list of countries nominated for the International Financial Law Review (IFLR) awards).

Moreover, in 2012 MUSAT & ASOCIATII won the Gold Award for the “Best Law Firm in Central and Eastern Europe”, an accolade awarded by the 2012 International Legal Alliance Summit & Awards, and in 2011, the renowned publication Chambers Europe awarded the “Romanian Law Firm of the Year” trophy to MUSAT& ASOCIATII, the law firm with the best performance in Romania, during the “Chambers Europe Awards for Excellence 2011” gala.                                               

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