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News from Members Iulia Ionescu is the new Country Lead of Sanofi Romania and Moldova

Iulia Ionescu is the new Country Lead of Sanofi Romania and Moldova

by Sanofi May 6, 2020

Website www.sanofi.ro

Sanofi Romania announces that, as of 1 May 2020, Iulia Ionescu is the new Country Lead of Sanofi Romania and Moldova. Educated to be a medical doctor and with an experience of over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Iulia Ionescu, MD is the General Manager of the General Medicines Division of Sanofi Romania and Moldova (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and mature drugs) and also Execution Excellence Lead South Europe MCO[1], positions that she will continue to exercise.

Iulia Ionescu succeeds Pascal Robin, who has successfully managed the local organization for 3 years and who continues his professional path with a new management position in another branch of Sanofi group.

“I am taking over this role with responsibility and pride, in a period in which the entire world is undergoing a situation without precedent. And in this context, more than ever, I have the privilege of working in an innovating pharmaceutical company, which is on the front lines of the fight against several pathologies, of different therapeutic areas, including COVID-19, developing efficient therapeutic solutions and continuing to ensure access to the drugs that patients need. I am determined, together with over 250 professionals from Sanofi Romania, to do anything necessary to ease the access of Romanian patients to Sanofi innovation and to build together with our partners projects that lead to the improvement of the health system; we have the right, as citizens of the European Union, to a better and longer life”,  Iulia Ionescu, MD, Country Lead of Sanofi Romania & Moldova and General Manager of the General Medicines Division of Sanofi Romania & Moldova declared.

Sanofi Romania is, at this moment, leader of the pharmaceutical industry, having a turnover of 306 million euros and a market share value of 5.7%[2]. The company produces an annual volume that exceeds 37 million boxes of drugs to 51 therapeutic areas, by means of a diversified portfolio of approximately 150 products². Sanofi has invested in Romania, in the past years, approximately 4.5 million euros in research and development projects[3]. 

About Iulia Ionescu

Graduate of the MBA program of the Open University School, Great Britain, Iulia Ionescu has occupied different positions in marketing and sales departments of Sanofi Romania and, as of 2005, has taken over management positions, with increased responsibility.

She has completed her training and accumulated experience by working in different therapeutic areas, such as: cardiovascular, thrombosis, neurology, rheumatology, oncology, diabetes and primary support, ensuring the management of numerous teams and complex projects, throughout important development periods for Sanofi and significant transformations in the Romanian health system. With a regional experience obtained during the period she has held the position of Business Unit Director for the Diabetes Division in Bulgaria and from the current position of Excellence Execution Lead for Sanofi - South Europe MCO regional organization, Iulia is the first Romanian citizen appointed Country Lead for the local organization, after almost 10 years in which the management of the activity in Romania has been ensured by expatriates of Sanofi group. Her appointment reconfirms the trust of the organization in the professionalism and experience of the local management team.

[1] South Europe Multi Country Organization includes: Romania, Moldova, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Israel.

[2] According to IQVIA - MAT March 2020, the overall market, sales in hospitals and from pharmacies, retail price, in value and volume

[3] According to the transfers of value reporting data, reporting period: 2015-2018​


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