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News from Members Change elderly’s lonely life today!

Change elderly’s lonely life today!

by Fundația Regală Margareta a României February 20, 2024


Becoming old is a normal part of life where we all hope to gracefully arrive in good physical and mental health. Unfortunately, today more than 1 million elderly people in Romania face difficult life situations without any support. Those who struggle with sadness, loneliness, and helplessness look around for your help.

According to the “National strategy on long-term care and active aging for 2023-2030”, Romania is facing a dramatically rise in aging population, as currently 3.7 million people are aged 65 and above (about 19.2% from the total population).

Your income tax can make a change for elderly's life!

  • More than 1 million senior citizens find themselves in difficult life situations and are affected by loneliness;
  • 1 million retired people gain a monthly base income of only 300 Euro.

One 230 form could help with:

  • Relieving loneliness for the elderly who have no one to talk to;
  • Support with social services: home caregivers or social workers and medical assistance;
  • Material help - daily necessary products or social vouchers;
  • Support services, such as home care or practical support;
  • Psychological counseling and emotional support;
  • Opportunities for involvement in various cultural and social activities.

If you want to help us, you can simple fill out the 230 form here. We take care of the electronic submission of the forms to ANAF!

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

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