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News from Members American Councils for International Education is looking for Romanian host families for 5 students from the USA

American Councils for International Education is looking for Romanian host families for 5 students from the USA

by American Councils for International Education May 30, 2024

For the FLEX Abroad program, American Councils Romanian is looking for 5 host families for American high school students who will spend the 2024-2025 school year in Bucharest. Host families must live in Bucharest or the surrounding area.

For the first time, Romania will welcome students from the United States as part of the U.S. Department of State's FLEX Abroad program. Its goal is to strengthen the bonds between the peoples of the two nations through educational and cultural exchange. The participating American high school students will spend the next school year outside their home country, living with a Romanian host family and attending a Romanian school.

The host family will host the American student from 22 August 2024 until the end of June 2025, when the American students depart back to the United States.

How do you become a host family?

For more information or an application, please call 0758100503 or send an inquiry to

More about the FLEX Abroad host families

Host family care is a long-term commitment over ten months (August 2024 - June 2025). The host mother and/or father are expected to provide meals, and appropriate living arrangements, including accommodation in a private or shared room with another child in the family, and support the student in various situations.

The presence of the foreign student in the home should not change the daily routine of the family. On the contrary, the student should be treated not as a guest but as part of the family. In this way, the pupil will get a taste of the local way of life, customs, and culture as they are.

Participants in the program undergo Romanian language courses during their stay. However, for better communication, it is good that at least one of the host family members has a basic knowledge of English.

Participants are between 15 and 19 years old, and their stay is coordinated and administered by American Councils for International Education Romania.

The host family signs a contract and communicates closely with the organization throughout the student's stay. The American Councils, in turn, provides the necessary moral and material support to the family in case of need.

Living with a host family is vital to the success of the program. The family is expected to provide the student with the necessary support in socializing in the new environment and understanding the Romanian culture, as well as in daily life and academic activities.

Hosting an international student in the home presents many opportunities for the host family. This way, its members can learn first-hand about American culture, overcoming stereotypes and "mistranslations".

Experience has shown that such cohabitation is very valuable for the children in the family, broadening their horizons and limits of tolerance and, in more practical terms, improving their command of the English language. Lastly, such relationships between the student and the host family usually remain warm for life.

More about the program -

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