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News from Members ACADEMY+PLUS Officially Opens on November 5

ACADEMY+PLUS Officially Opens on November 5

by Pitech + Plus October 21, 2014

At ACADEMY+PLUS, the Romanian new school for computer programmers, there's hot tech, little teaching, a lot of learning, no grades or tuition — and mostly a new world class IT community.

In May 2014 Bogdan Herea, the owner of PITECH+PLUS Group has sign a partnership with the Staff from 42. A school with a strange name, born in Paris and having an outstanding method: free of charges, with no grades and with a clear objective, to start cranking out the best programmers in the world.

ACADEMY+PLUS developed from this partnership with 42 and it is based on the same method, the same classes, and the same format.

The idea to start an open IT academy in Romania came as a natural reaction to the increasing number of promising young talents. While some of them have already won IT international awards, the company decided to help them seize the opportunity to broaden their knowledge from our local experts.

The partnership with 42 allows the Romanian school to use the latest techniques of learning, on an already established curriculum tested by over 900 students each year. There is also a possibility to send our brilliant student to be trained in France throughout stages.

ACADEMY+PLUS is different from any other learning environment: the format welcomes those students who are passionate about IT, who have an inner urge to be the best at what they do, and who are ready to take the challenge regardless of their educational background.

August the 5th at ACADEMY+PLUS started the examinations. Every examination has 28 days of learning and every candidate has to be there daily in order to meet the deadlines of the exercises.

After a long run in order to get admission to ACADEMY+PLUS, finally the 64 candidates validated amongst 1200 submissions will start the school on 5th of November 2014.

The official opening and the inauguration ceremony will take place on 6th of November in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

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