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Launched in 2004 with US investment and Romanian technology know-how, with the goal of developing innovative, broadly accessible and secure financial services, built on reliable and advanced technology. Currently 2nd largest provider of remittance services in Romania - at $6 billion the largest inbound corridor in the EU, with more than 4 million retail clients. Processed over 16 million real-time, low-cost transactions from EU countries to Romania, with no technology incidents and 82% customer loyalty. Innovative FinTech/RegTech company with a proven track record of success in building and providing B2C solutions tailored after the specific of each migration corridor and B2B payment solutions to the global financial industry. Compliance expertise and ability to translate complex international regulations into practical, actionable, and high barrier-to-entry solutions for the world’s most regulated industry. Successfully developed and patented a broad range of globally protected, unique technologies, with strong new developments aligned with modern technology trends.