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Philip Morris Romania

Philip Morris Romania is the local affiliate of Philip Morris International (PMI).

Philip Morris International is one of the leading international tobacco and nicotine companies, geared primordially at delivering a smoke-free future and constantly evolving its portfolio to include products outside of the tobacco and nicotine sector. The company’s current product range consists primarily of smoke-free products and classical combustible products. The smoke-free categories include heated tobacco products, vapor and oral nicotine products, which are sold in markets outside the U.S.

Since 2008, PMI has invested more than USD 10.7 billion to develop, scientifically substantiate and commercialize innovative smoke-free products for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke, with the goal of completely ending the sale of cigarettes. Our effort includes building world-class scientific assessment capabilities, notably in the areas of pre-clinical systems toxicology, clinical and behavioral research, as well as post-market studies.

In 1993 Philip Morris International opened its first office in Bucharest and four years later, the state-of-the-art factory in Otopeni was finished. In 2017, Philip Morris Romania announced investments to transform the factory and develop production capabilities for Heat Sticks™ / HEETS. The sustained investments in the PMI factory in Otopeni, performed starting with 2017, allowed us to significantly enhance our local manufacturing capabilities. Today, 92% of the finished goods manufactured by the Otopeni factory (mainly Heated Tobacco Products) are exported to 54 markets, located over 5 continents. Locally, our company employs more than 1.500 people, 80% of which are currently working in the Otopeni manufacturing centre. The PMI factory in Otopeni plays a pivotal role in our company’s smoke-free future strategy.

The cigarettes and consumables manufactured in Otopeni meet the highest quality standards, certified by the local and international bodies – ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 9001 and has ISO 17025 accreditation for aerosols and analytical laboratories. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Larex.