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Lidl Discount SRL is part of Schwarz Group, with its headquarters in Neckarsulm, Germany. Schwarz Group is one of the leading food retail companies in Germany and Europe. Lidl International, part of Schwarz Group, currently operates internationally around 11,550 stores and more than 200 logistics centers and warehouses in 30 countries.

Lidl employs internationally more than 341,000 people, including approx. 10,000 employees in Romania. Lidl Discount SRL, as part of Lidl International and Schwarz Group, is a smart discounter ????rm that offers customers products with the best value for money. Lidl Discount SRL operates more than 330 stores and 6 logistics centers in Romania, having locally consistent investments and expansion projects. Behind the service and operations in the stores and logistics centers, there are simplicity and the orientation towards e????ciency.

In all its areas of activity, Lidl International, including Lidl Discount SRL, is a group of companies that act responsibly towards people, society and towards the environment.

For Lidl, sustainability is the way in which it delivers on its promise of quality day in and day out.

Address: 58A Str. Capitan Alexandru Serbanescu Bucharest