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LIBERTY Galaţi - the largest integrated steelworks in Romania and a major economic contributor to the Galati-Braila region – is preparing to become regional champion in GREENSTEEL production. The company will invest up to 1bn Euro in its GREENSTEEL transformational plans as it aims at becoming carbon neutral by 2030. These plans will be achieved by renewing the Galati steelworks' mid-20th century power plants with two modern electric melting furnaces, a Reduced Iron Plant (DRI) plant that will initially run on natural gas, but will later transition to green hydrogen produced at Galati, with the renewable energy required partially provided by a 250 MW solar farm onsite.

One of the main pillar of the Romanian economy, with a current production capacity of approximately 3 million tonnes of steel per annum serving construction, marine, oil, gas and renewable energy customers, LIBERTY Galati is also a major exporter to more than 30 countries across Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and United States of America. As well, the company is one of the largest employers in the country with around 7,000 people (incl c.1,000 engineers) and an impact on around 35,000 more across the Romanian value chain.

With a rich history, LIBERTY Galați set off – more than 55 years ago - with ambitious plans to be the main steel supplier for Eastern European countries. Today the steel company has an even more ambitious plan – to produce sustainable steel, following the CN30 vision of LIBERTY Steel Group, which is part of GFG Alliance, a collection of global businesses and investments owned by Sanjeev Gupta and his family.

GFG Alliance is structured into three core industry brands; LIBERTY Steel Group, ALVANCE Aluminium Group and SIMEC Energy Group, independent of each other yet united through shared values and a purpose to create a sustainable future for industry and society. GFG Alliance employs c.35,000 people, across 30 countries and has revenues of >USD $20bn.

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