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ARENSIA Exploratory Medicine

ARENSIA Exploratory Medicine is a German operator of proprietary research clinics in Eastern Europe, dedicated to performing Phase Ib, IIa and PROOF-OF-CONCEPT clinical trials involving patients across numerous disease areas. ARENSIA´s clinics are composed of state-of-the-art Phase I infrastructure, full-time medical personnel, and locations across prestigious University Hospitals in Romania, Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine. ARENSIA is committed to enabling patients by gaining access to new therapies as early as possible. Patients’ safety and comfort are of paramount importance at all of ARENSIA´s clinics.

ARENSIA´s exceptionally experienced medical teams successfully manage protocols that require intensive PK sampling, sophisticated PD/biomarker collection, as well as patient hospitalization and virtual biotech companies.

ARENSIA’s clinics’ outstanding recruitment achievements across numerous therapeutic areas dramatically reduce the overall number of s WHY IS ARENSIA UNIQUE?

- ARENSIA is focused entirely on early patient studies - only enrolling healthy volunteers as matching to patients

- Performance of sophisticated Phase Ib POC patient protocols

- Recruitment at extraordinary speed

- Own network of modern, dedicated Phase I Units with full time medical staff

- Corporate SOP system followed by all ARENSIA locations clinics

- Principal Investigators belonging to the medical elite of the respective country

- Experience with complex study logistics

- Ability to perform intensive PK/PD schedules with hospitalization

- Outstanding reputation for safety and quality.

In the international development plan, ARENSIA will open in 2022, a branch in the USA, considering that about 30% of its clients are from this country.