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ARENSIA Exploratory Medicine

ARENSIA Exploratory Medicine is a German company that operates proprietary research clinics specialized in performing "first-in-patient" Phase IB and II / PROOF OF CONCEPT clinical trials. ARENSIA rapidly and exceptionally accelerates the detection of initial efficacy signals for new medications, setting an unmatched pace in the industry.

ARENSIA's Phase I research-dedicated infrastructure enables a remarkable time reduction in patient recruitment compared to typical clinical trial sites burdened by overcrowding, staff shortages, population competition, and lengthy contract negotiations.

The shortened timeframe and the streamlined setup of focusing efforts on a select few ARENSIA Clinics instead of the traditional large number of sites, result in an overall budget reduction of at least 50% for a typical Phase IB/IIA PROOF OF CONCEPT trial.

With 93% repeat business, ARENSIA's disruptive breakthrough in time and cost has fueled its continuous growth and collaborations with top pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, and global CROs.

ARENSIA, headquartered in Düsseldorf, operates with 450+ talented employees in 8 countries.