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The AmCham Taxation Committee initiatives are subsequent to achieving transparency and predictability of the fiscal legislation, modernization of the fiscal system, modernization of the tax authorities and balanced relationship between taxpayers and fiscal authorities.

Current areas of focus on the agenda of the AmCham Romania Taxation Committee:

  • Promote measures to increase tax collection rate and REAL digitalization of ANAF, at central and local levels
    • Promote streamlining of APA/SFIA/MAP procedures
    • Promote update of transfer pricing legislation
    • Monitor RO e-Factura and RO e-Transport implementation
  • Promote maintenance of the flat tax system
  • Advocate for a balanced ANAF – taxpayer relationship
  • Promote stimulation of RDI activities by: completing the existing fiscal framework R&D for introduction of the Patent Box system
  • Provide input re Romania’s approach towards the new fiscal framework discussed at EU and global level
  • Promote implementation of multiannual budgeting
  • Advocate for transparency, stability and predictability of fiscal measures


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