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Business Advocacy Committees & Task Forces Structural Funds, Public Procurement and PPP

Structural Funds, Public Procurement and PPP

The AmCham Romania Structural Funds and Public Procurement Committee is committed to contribute pro-active proposals, best practice examples, and recommendations in line with EU policies and global trends in order to support the modernization of legislation, the increase of EU funds absorption and a level playing field for the business environment.

The Committee is engaged in consistent dialogue with the relevant authorities, including the Ministry of EU Funds, the Ministry of Regional Development, the Ministry of Agriculture, ANRMAP etc, being powered by the expert contributions of experienced AmCham members.

The specific committee advocacy agenda consists, among others, of:
  • Providing recommendations on the 2014 – 2020 EC Partnership Agreement to be concluded by Romania in 2014;
  • Review and comment on the 2014-2020 Operational Programs;
  • Advocate for the increase of efficient and sustainable EU funds absorption;
  • Promote the use of adequate financial instruments, flexible intermediary bodies and synchronized EU funds mechanisms;
  • Formulate proposals to eliminate obstacles, delays and errors from the ending programming period 2007-2014;
  • Promote best standards and practices for best value in public procurement;
  • Institutional reforms and reduction of corruption and red tape;
  • Advocate for the timely and efficient use of technical assistance.

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