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Real Estate

Priorities on the agenda of the AmCham Romania Real Estate task force

  • Urbanization and permitting: the lack of an integrated strategy for urbanization and the simplification of the permitting process. A draft document, inventorying top 20 blockages in the urbanization and permitting area was prepared, also presenting proposed remedies and relevant stakeholders to be approached.
  • Representation of Romania at international real estate fairs and collaboration to attract international investors.
  • Initiate a better communication with the local authorities in order for them to be aware of how the city develops: office, retail and logistics. At this stage, local authorities are not present at any important real estate gathering.
  • Optimize public transport in major cities, focus on last-mile transport solutions
  • Legal framework for private investors modernizing public roads at their expense/acquiring rights over out-of-use agricultural roads within their sites. Considering that such projects are usually developed on former agricultural plots there have been many cases when private investors had a difficult time implementing proper access solutions due to the lack of legal framework regulating such issues.

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