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Main objectives:

  • Strengthening relationships and improving communication/cooperation with the environmental authorities, to achieve better predictability and transparency in relation to the implementation of environmental laws, as well as in the transposition and implementation of EU Directives in this field, will be beneficial for the business community, NGOs as well as for society as a whole. This will give companies time to express their points of view, as well as to be prepared for future environmental requirements.
  • Promoting active consultation between business and the central environmental authorities, especially on the new EU Norms, to help the Romanian authorities to better support the views of the business community in our country during discussions on these subjects in Brussels.
  • Supporting governmental authorities in developing and updating strategies and action plans to comply with EC/national legislation or to obtain EU funds.
  • Helping the authorities to avoid sanctions from the European Commission (within infringement proceedings) due to non-compliance with the requirements of the acquis communautaire. The main sectors: waste management, air quality, air emissions, quality of permitting documents (especially IPPC permits), water management.


  • Helping the central public environmental authorities in solving problems of non-compliance with the requirements of the acquis communautaire and which have led to the initiation of infringement procedures: air quality, waste management.
  • Helping the authorities in transposing and implementing new requirements from the European Commission (Directives, decisions and regulations); aiming to support involvement in the implementation of strategies and policies; ongoing mutual consultation on legislative initiatives.
  • Technical support to sustain Romania's position in negotiations in European institutions: the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the European Commission (including the institutions financed by it, e.g. the European Environment Agency).
  • Forestry Fund – taking into account the strategic importance of forestry for communities and the entire economy, as well as for preserving natural resources and the environment it is important to continue advocacy for proper implementation of the new Forestry Code, and the subsequent application norms.
  • Strengthening the institutional capacity of the environmental authorities, with a major focus on the regulatory procedures (operators or owners of activities) – in a unitary and legal manner.

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