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The general objective of the AmCham Romania Energy Committee is to monitor, engage with relevant authorities and other stakeholders and issue position papers related to the development of the Energy Strategy.

Support for development of a balanced primary energy mix and for the improvement of the energy supply security.
  • Address the new legislative and regulatory framework to ensure coordination between various authorities in setting up the fiscal regime applicable to energy companies (e.g. royalties and other taxes imposed on oil&gas companies)
  • Advocate for a sound Energy Strategy
  • Support and enhance Romania’s voice in Brussels
Support for further development of the Romanian natural gas marketCreation of a functional Balancing Market
  • Creation of a liquid Gas Spot (day ahead) and forward (calendar ahead, quarter ahead, month ahead) Market
  • Flexible and competitive access to storage
  • Development of bi-directional cross-border infrastructures
Support for improvement of the Romanian electricity market
  • Advocate for the amendment of the legislative and regulatory framework to allow free electricity trading and development of trading mechanisms and products that allow lending to power generation projects
  • Reform of the sectors structures and ownership forms in order to promote fair competition
  • Focus and support the interconnectivity between Romania and the EU energy markets in the context of the development of the Energy Union
  • Advocate (to ANRE and ACER) to promote Romania’s inclusion in the CEE electricity coupled market
  •  Advocate to ANRE for early implementation of regional balancing markets
  • Support an EU-wide coordination in taxes and levies associated with the energy price in the context of the Energy Union development
Support for the implementation of energy efficiency policy in Romania
  • Request the Ministry of Energy and ANRE to invite AmCham to all consultation meetings organized for the elaboration of the secondary legislation related to the Energy Efficiency Law
  • Support for redefining the role of thermal power in the Energy Efficiency Law and all related legal framework
  • Be involved in the elaboration of the District Heating Law – Legea Termiei
  • Propose concrete energy efficiency measures to be adopted through secondary legislation and other regulations, government decisions and public policies
  • Share best practice cases from other countries in the field of energy efficiency
  • Advocate for the release and give feedback on the national framework plan regarding the Alternative Fuels Directive 2014/94/UE
Support and further development of the oil upstream sector
  • Amendment to Petroleum Law with a view to facilitate land access to petroleum blocks and allow operators to carry on petroleum operations in a reasonable timeframe and clear terms.
  • Amendment to Petroleum Law in order to extend NAMR competence to deal with all technical issues arisen during all the phases of a concession agreement.
  • Upstream taxation package: (i) to apply to new concession agreements only, thus preserving the contractual stability for existing concessions; (ii) be similar to the regime applicable in other EU countries; and (iii) reflect recent trends dictated by the global crisis (e.g. incentives for the industry, reduction of fiscal burden).
  • Eliminating the over taxation of the income resulted from liberalization of the gas market (GO no. 7/2013).
  • Review of secondary legislation/regulations/norms in relation to access and management of „work related secret” and adapt it to reflect international standards.
Increased monitoring for an efficient use of structural funds in the Romanian energy sector

Position Papers

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