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Digital Economy

The main objective of the AmCham Digital Economy Committee is promote Romania's digital transformation through: 

  • Nation-Wide Cloud – promote digital public services and host the future digital landscape exposing and consuming services while having a centralized administration to ease any vertical or horizontal growth or even reposition resources
  • Interoperability – define the framework to govern all the rules for data exchange, services exposure and consumption of hardware/software resources and data
  • Communications & Infrastructure - high speed and high bandwidth access to services, ensuring not only focused performance but also bringing power driven by content and data sharing between systems
  • Electronic Identification and the eID Card Project – support integration between administration and citizens
  • Skills (skilling & reskilling) - developing and nurturing competences and digital skills (both basic and specialized) at all levels of the society including in the public administration in order to ensure smooth operation of digital public services
  • Cybersecurity - secure services exposure and consumption and set up advanced mechanisms granting the harm free performance of service exposure and communications
  • Emerging solutions in the public sector – encourage the uptake of emerging solutions such as automation and artificial intelligence to restart the economy, increase the productivity and competitiveness


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