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Business Advocacy Committees & Task Forces Competition and State-Aid

Competition and State-Aid

The Competition Committee provides input to ensure the development of efficient and balanced competition policies and legislation, in line with the procedures and best practice at EU level. By ensuring a level playing field for businesses, the competition policy fosters economic growth, wealth and job creation.

In its endeavors, the Competition Committee’s main counterpart is the Romanian Competition Council.

The Competition Committee focuses its interventions and recommendations in three main areas:

  • Primary legislation
  • Secondary legislation
  • Dissemination of information and best practices among companies

The State-Aid group advocates for functional state-aid schemes, focusing on value-added sectors, observing the stability, transparency and predictability principles. The Committee advocates for an EU compliant state-aid policy to increase Romania’s attractiveness and competitiveness.

The committee's current objectives include: 

  • Provide feedback on the national competition legislation, implementation of European Regulations and on the transposition of the EU Directives
  • Promote issuance of new guidelines on merger related gun-jumping practices and on self-clearing measures in public procurement cases
  • Promote the implementation of the office of Hearing Officer at the level of the Romanian Competition Council drawing upon the similar institution set up at the level of the European Commission
  • Raise awareness on competition aspects via public events
  • Promote new state-aid schemes for 2021-2027 and update of existing schemes according to the evolution of economic realities
  • Provide valuable resources to the Romanian Government regarding OECD and European Union best practices in the area of state aid and competition

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