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Business Intelligence Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Program 2021 - 2027: Sustainable Growth and Technological Modernization of Microenterprises

Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Program 2021 - 2027: Sustainable Growth and Technological Modernization of Microenterprises



Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Program 2021 - 2027: Sustainable Growth and Technological Modernization of Microenterprises

The Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Program for 2021-2027 aims to foster sustainable growth and technological modernization of microenterprises operating in the urban areas of the Bucharest-Ilfov Development Region. This initiative is designed to support initial investments that enhance the operational capacity and technological capabilities of microenterprises, contributing to economic resilience and innovation within the region.

Eligible Activities

A. Core Activities

The program prioritizes activities essential for the sustainable growth and technological modernization of microenterprises, requiring that at least 50% of the eligible project budget be dedicated to these core activities. Investments in tangible assets are a primary focus, aiming to enhance technical and industrial capacities to manage product and service development more efficiently. This includes constructing or expanding production/service delivery spaces and ensuring general utilities such as water, sewage, natural gas, heating, electricity, and fire safety systems. Additionally, the acquisition of equipment and technologies is crucial, including procuring machinery, green technologies, work installations, and fixed assets like furniture, IT equipment, and office supplies. Investment in intangible assets is also supported, encompassing the purchase of software, patents, licenses, trademarks, and other rights and assets used exclusively in the targeted project activities.

B. Ancillary Activities

The program supports a range of ancillary activities that complement the core objectives. Internationalization and market expansion are encouraged through activities that promote international cooperation, market expansion, and diversification of products and services, including marketing efforts and participation in national and international fairs and exhibitions. Professional training programs are also eligible, specifically those for employees who will operate the newly acquired technologies and equipment. Interregional, cross-border, and transnational cooperation initiatives are supported to encourage collaboration beyond regional boundaries. Assistance with project design and consultancy is available to help prepare funding applications, business plans, and associated annexes. Effective project management is essential, and activities related to the implementation and administration of the project are eligible. Financial auditing and accounting expertise are supported to ensure project transparency and accountability. Lastly, mandatory communication and visibility activities are required to ensure proper communication and visibility of the project outcomes.

Financial Assistance

The maximum non-reimbursable financial assistance available under this program is €200,000, with a minimum cofinancing of  €25,000 per project. The maximum grant provided as de minimis aid is 90% of the eligible expenditure value.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for funding, applicants must meet the following criteria. The applicant must be a company or cooperative classified as a microenterprise. The business must have been operational for at least one full fiscal year, without any temporary suspensions during the current or previous fiscal year. Investments must be made in urban areas. The investment must be in an eligible sector as specified by the program. The applicant must have rights over the property involved in the project, allowing them to carry out the investment. Activities must be completed within 12 months for projects without construction and 24 months for those involving construction. The applicant and their legal representative must not fall under any exclusion conditions. The eligible CAEN code for the investment must be authorized at the implementation location, or, if a new work point is proposed, the applicant must ensure the CAEN code is authorized either at the social headquarters/working points or by third parties, and commit to authorizing the CAEN code at the implementation location by the project's end.

By supporting microenterprises in the Bucharest-Ilfov region, this program aims to drive sustainable economic growth, foster technological advancements, and enhance the competitiveness of small businesses in the urban landscape. For more information and to apply for funding, microenterprises are encouraged to contact Fabrica de Consultanță at +40.731.536.459 or via email at

Fabrica de Consultanță has been active for over 18 years in the consultancy services market for accessing non-reimbursable European, governmental, or other sources of funding. To date, it has secured over €300 million in non-reimbursable funding for its clients and developed a portfolio of 850 successfully written and implemented projects. Our portofolio includes both private companies and public institutions. The projects implemented nationally cover numerous fields of activity: agriculture, manufacturing, commerce, services, construction, industry and healthcare.

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