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AmCham Recommends The new tax regulations will be discussed at the TaxEU Forum 2024 | Special Disounts for AmCham Romania Members

The new tax regulations will be discussed at the TaxEU Forum 2024 | Special Disounts for AmCham Romania Members

by Evensys December 20, 2023


Deepen your knowledge on up-to-date fiscal topics at the TaxEU Forum specialized seminars

On February 8-9, the best experts from large tax consulting firms will present and discuss openly at the TaxEU Forum 2024 Bucharest Edition about the key issues faced by taxpayers, following the new regulations in the tax field. AmCham members will benefit from a discount throughout the entire registration period.

TaxEU Forum, one of the most important national events for specialists in the tax field, returns in 2024 with a new series of specialized seminars held by experts from the most important tax consulting companies. The 8 seminars will take place in parallel, on the second day of the TaxEU Forum edition from Bucharest, on February 9, at the JW Marriott Hotel and will bring answers to the problems generated by the legislation in force since the beginning of the year.

The sessions offer a comprehensive perspective, practical recommendations and relevant case studies regarding the major effects of the new tax changes. Also, the seminars represent an ideal opportunity for the exchange of opinions and contacts with professionals in the field.

The participants will have the opportunity to get in direct contact with over 30 experts from tax consulting firms to discuss current issues, listen to practical examples and find efficient solutions for adapting to the challenges faced by taxpayers today, as a result of the new legislative changes in the economic environment.

The new edition of the TaxEU Forum seminars will address current fiscal topics such as:

Risk analysis and the paradigm shift in the approach on fiscal controls

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 9:00-11:30 | Seminar supported by EY Romania

The major paradigm changes in Romanian taxation starting with 2024. The impact on tax inspections, the market of mergers and acquisitions, as well as tax expertise in litigation

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 9:00-11:30 | Seminar supported by Taxhouse-Taxand Romania

Relevant fiscal aspects regarding fiscal inspections, voluntary adjustments of transfer prices and financing of companies' activity/investments

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 9:00-11:30 | Seminar supported by TPA Romania

Will Romania remain an attractive jurisdiction for investments? Challenges of 2024.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 9:00-11:30 | Seminar held by bpv Grigorescu Stefanica

Fiscal reform in Romania. Legislative changes applicable from 2024 to individuals, with impact from a fiscal point of view.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 12:30-3:00 p.m | Seminar supported by RSM Romania

Fiscal changes applicable in 2024

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 12:30-3:00 p.m | Seminar held by Cabot Transfer Pricing in Cooperation with Biris Goran

Fiscal control, cases and troubles within the 5 types of fiscal control, prevention versus disputes arising during the control

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 12:30-3:00 p.m | Seminar supported by Crowe Romania

The specialists who will speak in the seminars are:

  •  Stela Andrei (Partner, Income Tax and Social Contributions Department, EY Romania),
  • Costin Manta (Partner, Indirect Tax Department, EY Romania),
  • Diana Dumitrana (Manager, Transfer Pricing Department, EY Romania),
  • Cristina Muntean (Senior Manager, Direct Tax Department, EY Romania),
  • Calin Stan (Partner, Bancila, Diaconu si Asociatii SPRL),
  • Crina Onut (Manager, Income Tax and Social Contributions Department, EY Romania),
  • Cristian Radulescu (Partner, Taxhouse-Taxand Romania),
  • Adrian Deaconu (Associate Partner, Taxhouse-Taxand Romania),
  • Vlad Dimitriu (Director, Taxhouse-Taxand Romania),
  • Daniela Zar (Partner | FCCA | CCF Member, TPA Romania),
  • Diana Cioriceanu (Transfer Pricing Manager, CCF Member, TPA Romania),
  • Raluca Dana (Tax Assistant Manager, CCF Member, TPA Romania),
  • Diana Vasile (Senior Tax Consultant, TPA Romania),
  • Anca Grigorescu (Partner, bpv Grigorescu Stefanica),
  • Iulia Dragomir (Senior Coordinating Lawyer, Grigorescu Stefanica bpv),
  • Octavian Marian (Senior Lawyer, bpv Grigorescu Stefanica),
  • Anamaria Rotariu (Collaborating Lawyer, bpv Grigorescu Stefanica),
  • Dan Barascu (Head of Tax, Partner, BDO Romania),
  • Andreea Munteanu (Partner, International Tax and M&A, BDO Romania),
  • Raluca Andrei (Partner, BDO Legal - Tudor, Andrei si Asociatii),
  • Vlad Madaras (Senior Manager, Indirect Tax, BDO Romania),
  • Claudiu Ionita (Senior Manager, PIT & Global Mobility, BDO Romania),
  • Doina Georgescu (Head of Tax, RSM Romania),
  • Oana Tanase (Tax Partner, RSM Romania),
  • Adrian Serban (Partner, Tax, RSM Romania),
  • Raluca Nicolae (Senior Manager, Payroll & HR, RSM Romania),
  • Ana Maria Grecu (Senior Manager, Payroll, RSM Romania),
  • Alina Andrei (Partner, Cabot Transfer Pricing in Cooperation with Biris Goran),
  • Cristina Saulescu (Partner, Cabot Transfer Pricing in Cooperation with Biris Goran),
  • Mitel Spataru (Tax Partner, Crowe Romania),
  • Cristiana Oprea (Senior Tax Manager, Crowe Romania),
  • Mihai Erculescu (Tax Manager, Crowe Romania),
  • Aurelia Pisiceanu (Senior Tax Consultant, Crowe Romania).

On the first day of the event, on February 8, the TaxEU Forum Bucharest conference will take place, where opinion leaders and reputable experts in taxation will analyze and debate the latest legislative changes and their effects on the business environment. The 4 conference sessions will bring to the fore front the new provisions of the Fiscal Code and the paradigm changes in taxation brought by the new year, offering an overview of the recent regulations.

More details about the speakers, agenda and registration are available at

TaxEU Forum 2024 Bucharest is organized by Evensys in partnership with Taxhouse-Taxand Romania, EY Romania, Biris Goran, BDO Romania, PwC Romania, RSM Romania, TPA Romania, bpv Grigorescu Stefanica, Crowe Romania, Noerr Romania, Global Tax Advise.

TaxEU Forum is an event organized by Evensys, an event planning company with over 17 years of experience in organizing business events. Evensys specializes exclusively in the development of its own conferences and seminars, covering seven areas of activity: Marketing & Communication, Internet & New Media, Financial & Investments, HR, Real Estate, Production and Retail. The organized events deal with current topics, which concern both the local business industry and that of Central and South-Eastern Europe.

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