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News from Members Strategic Partnership Launching Event Between A_BEST Foreign Language Center and AC LANGUAGE SCHOOL Deemed a Success

Strategic Partnership Launching Event Between A_BEST Foreign Language Center and AC LANGUAGE SCHOOL Deemed a Success

by A_BEST Foreign Language Center March 28, 2024


Last week, on March 21st, 2024, an auspicious event unfolded at The Palace of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest. The occasion marked the official launching of a strategic partnership between A_BEST Foreign Language Center based in Bucharest, Romania, and AC LANGUAGE SCHOOL from the United States of America, Texas.

The event, titled "Together for Your Success," witnessed a gathering of esteemed guests, industry leaders and stakeholders who convened to celebrate this significant collaboration aimed at enhancing language education and fostering cultural exchange.

The agenda for the evening was meticulously crafted to ensure a memorable experience for all attendees. Beginning with a warm welcome to the guests from 06:00 pm to 06:30 pm, the event proceeded with insightful presentations from eight keynote speakers, as follows:  

  • Mrs. Aura Icodin, Founder and CEO of A_BEST Foreign Language Center
  • Mrs. Angeles Chavez, President of AC Global Learning
  • Mr. Elias Alonzo Ed. D, Executive Director of AC Global Learning
  • Mr. Eli Corso-Phinney, Commercial Officer, Embassy of the United States of America – Bucharest, Romania
  • Mr. Michael Makar, Head of MassMutual Romania
  • Mrs. Ileana Botez, Head of Listing, Bucharest Stock Exchange
  • Mr. Costin Tudor, CEO of
  • Mrs. Andreea Bujor, Communication Manager, World Vision Romania

Mr. Andrei Dicher, Sales and LinkedIn Trainer at Dynamic Business Connections, adeptly moderated the event, ensuring its smooth flow and engaging atmosphere throughout.

The speeches showcased the commitment of both organizations towards excellence in language education and global collaboration. Notably, the presence of dignitaries from various sectors underlined the significance of this partnership in both educational and business realms.

This successful launch event symbolizes the beginning of a fruitful partnership between A_BEST Foreign Language Center and AC LANGUAGE SCHOOL, aiming at enriching language education and promoting cross-cultural understanding on a global scale.”, Elias Alonzo stated.

“Through this partnership, A_BEST clients will have access to AC LANGUAGE SCHOOL's experience and learning resources including a wide range of educational programs, up-to-date learning materials and cutting-edge online learning technologies”, Aura Icodin declared. “This partnership is not about our own success but about how successful we can make together our present and future clients, here in Romania, but not only. As we are committed to continue serving our clients at high standards, with dedication, hard work and passion.”, Aura Icodin added.

The ambiance was lively and made even more special by a captivating performance by the distinguished soprano Angela Stratulat. Her talent added a unique touch of elegance to the evening. The evening concluded with a session of smart networking, a photo booth for capturing memorable moments and refreshments, fostering further connections and conversations among attendees.

For more information about the partnership and upcoming initiatives, please contact:, 0762 274 914.

About A_BEST Foreign Language Center

 A_BEST was set up in 2008 and is one of the top independent centers in Romania for learning foreign languages ​​by Romanians and expatriates. A_BEST offers a wide range of language services, at international standards: language courses - general/ business/ specialized, open/ corporate language; Romanian language courses for expats; foreign language courses for children; tests with international recognition; translations; linguistic audit; events dedicated to the academic environment.

With a portfolio of over 15 foreign languages, three international accreditations and one national one, A_BEST Foreign Language Center has had, from 2008 to the present, over 400 legal entity clients (multinational or national companies, from various fields such as: FMCG, retail, logistics, banking, PHARMA, transport, banking, IT&C, TELECOM, insurance, tourism, etc.).


AC Language School offers high-quality supplemental education that is both affordable and accessible to all. Our signature areas are PK-12 grade, Bilingual and ESL, Vocational training, ESL for Professionals, Industry Certifications, and Continuing Education. We provide online courses, a digital learning platform, instructional supplies and teaching aids, an extensive e-library, printed materials and books, training, staff development, software development, analytics, and online technical support. All our curriculum is aligned to standards to ensure quality learning for all. Our unique teaching methodology, flexible instruction models, analytics, and achievement tracking create a unique and highly adaptive learning experience tailored to the participant’s needs. We have successfully expanded our reach to 12 different countries, impacting education on a global scale. Our network encompasses 700 school districts and 4,000 schools, where we've had the privilege of supporting 14,300 dedicated teachers in their mission to educate the next generation. Perhaps our most significant accomplishment is the positive influence we've had on the lives of 246,000 students, helping them unlock their potential and pursue their dreams. With the collaboration of 5,000 experts, we've developed 4,000 courses, catering to diverse needs and interests, and we've made education accessible to all by offering our resources in 84 different languages. These achievements stand as a testament to our commitment to transforming education and empowering learners worldwide.

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