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News from Members Regina Maria expanding their digital architecture with Matricia

Regina Maria expanding their digital architecture with Matricia

by Matricia Solutions May 23, 2023

In 2021, Regina Maria faced the challenge of gaining control, visibility, and compliance over their Acquisitions across the Group, and Romania. After repeated attempts to achieve it with legacy solutions, they turned to Matricia Solutions. 

Within six months, using OnBase by Hyland as a Content Management & BPM platform, they intuitively digitalised the entire process. Matricia even brought to life the company's budgeting application, by enabling users to actively request modifications and map acquisitions across budget lines and cost centres. 

From Acquisitions, to Contracts, Invoices & Budgets, in Months

Now, from the acquisition request, to managerial approval, evaluation of suppliers and offers, contracting, and invoice approval, everything is managed in OnBase. All while giving users the peace of mind of simply checking one screen 'My Tasks'. Management has a key dashboard showing them where the company's money is flowing, per budget lines, cost centres, acquisition types.

Integration with Chatbots

Management sought a simpler way of interacting with OnBase to approve and check acquisitions, so a chatbot was implemented in MS Teams, enabling them to interrogate and act within OnBase by simply chatting with the bot. 

Ever since, Regina Maria has continuously expanded the system, relying on OnBase's low-code scalability, and currently is looking into even more avenues for improvement.

Customisable Workflows

With over 100 different process rules and workflows, the system allows upper management to adjust procedures in the system without entering the configuration interface. This feature powered the application that was also later implemented in one of Romania's largest banks. 

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